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Career Dagenham Road to Glory


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I recently wrote this article on my Dagenham ultra attacking tactic which got me from League Two into the Premier League within 5 seasons but failed miserably in the Premier League only managing to get 25 points and finishing rock bottom , well this is a follow up to that article showing how my career progressed up until now and then I will be informing you of my progress as I try to top what I have so far achieved.


I used the same tactic in my tactic article when I arrived back in the Championship which achieved a 3rd place finish and a win in the play off final to get back to the promised land and also reached the League Cup Semi Final!

Having arrived back into the big time I decided that my tactics must change if I want to be able to compete so decided to revert to a 442


This is the Formation I went with for several years and these are the results my Dagenham side achieved 450182389_Screenshot_20200710-1434152.thumb.jpg.ed959f97de4bd9a08413cb5eb7a393cc.jpg



As you can see we were a success!

28/29 8th in PL

29/30 5th in PL 

30/31 10th in PL and a Semi Final loss in the Europa League 

For the 31/32 season I will be aiming on qualifying for the champions League , I will post later on tonight when I reach January 1st to let everyone know how the first half of the season goes!!!!


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Top of the Prem by January 


The first 20 games for my team has saw us leading the pack at the half way stage by 4 points having only lost 1 game! 

These are the results so far 




Yes we may have suffered a poor penalty shoot out defeat to Leeds in the League Cup but the rest of the season we have been in fine form! 

The Stand Out Performers 



First of all we have Hendrickx in goal who was a £34.5m signing from Napoli in the summer , he is a excellent shot stopper as you can see by his excellent goalkeeping stats and being only 25 he will most likely be between the posts for nigh on the next decade! 


Alexander - Arnold

Trent was a bosman signing in 2030 and has been a mainstay at right back ever since , you can see here at the age of 33 the former champions League winner still has it in him to run a full 90 minutes 

Moise Kean and Troy Parrott



These are our Top scorers so far with 12 and 7 goals a piece , Parrott has been part of the squad since he signed from spurs on a bosman in 2028 , meanwhile Kean was a marquee striker signing alongside Trent in 2030! 

Iago Montero


Montero played for the club on loan from Barcelona B from 2025-2028 before rejoining the club in 2029/30 for 10m and has been an ever presence since commanding our back three 

Rayan Cherki


Cherki has been with us since he was 19 signing in 2023 for £5m and has been an ever present in the starting line up ever since 

World Best Eleven 2032


Also proud to say that both Moise Kean and Rayan Cherki made the World Best Eleven for 2032!

I will be finishing the season soon and updating you all tonight , hopefully the form continues and I can see out the rest of the season top of the pile and be able to announce Dagenham as the Premier League Champions!!

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Second Half Of Season Update



As you can see in the second half of the season we couldn't keep up fully with the pace and pressure of being at the top of the summit and ended up drifting off a little losing a further 5 League games in the process and being knocked out in the fa cup quarters by Stoke 


HOWEVER we still managed to finish 4th and achieve Champions League Qualification which was my aims at the start of the season 

Sign to Sell

I'd like to take some time to talk about what I like to do every January , I'm a firm believer in not making big changes to my squad , make a change here or a change there , small tweaks to improve the squad , so when a player retires replace them with someone approaching their best years and always sell when the time is right and replace with a future star , so I will spend big to replace certain players but never over the odds , in January I will scout at least 100 players 16 - 21 that's contracts are expiring and any that my scout says has a potential 3 star future ability I will sign on a long term deal , place them in my reserves and loan them out for a couple seasons to get them playing time and increase their value , if they are able to break into my first team great , we've made a quality player for free and if they don't then we can sell them for a tidy profit 


The majority of these players were signed a year ago on a bosman and loaned out for this season , just look at some of the values on these players right now , it's a gold mine to fund your first team progress and always make sure they team is improving 

Id like to introduce you to some of my upcoming talents!

Souza Silva 


Silva was signed 4 years ago for 4m from Roma and after struggling to break into the first team has played for the reserves and a season with Cagliari and is now worth 36 Million , next season he will be making a starting role likely with excellent attributes in Dribbling Passing and Technique! 

Brian Amiens 


Another central midfielder likely to break into the first team next season , signed on a bosman a year ago and now valued at £30.5m and likely to partner Souza in the heart of midfield 

Matteo Benatelli


Benatelli was signed 3 years ago and after several seasons out on loan he has matured into a fine player with excellent mental attributes to have success at the top of the game in years to come , another first teamer for next season 

Reiner Santana de Moraes


Signed 2 years ago and also ready to make the first team after a successful loan spell in Portugal! 

I will be having an over haul of the squad this summer , getting rid of players that are getting on and imbedding the future of the club in their place! 

Hope you enjoy reading this and any feedback would be appreciated!


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After a poor showing in the 2032 European Championship with a 3-0 Quarter Final defeat to Portugal England have came calling at my door! 

I will be managing both England and Dagenham and hopefully can get some great success both at national and club level. 

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The Champions League Group Stage was drawn and for our first ever go in the competition we were drawn into Group F alongside Athletico Madrid , Nimes and Young Boys , not as daunting of a group as it could of been! 

Match Day 1 Dagenham Vs Young Boys 

Match Day One saw us facing off against Young Boys at New Victoria road in front of a booming crowd of 45,825 people who got to witness a classic!


We won comfortably and were in total control with our possession and with an average squad rating of 8.1 were dominant throughout , brilliant start and onto the next match full of confidence! 

Match Day 2 Nimes Vs Dagenham 

Match Day Two has us off to France to face Nimes who a couple of years ago beat us with a last minute goal in the Europa League Semi Final - would we be able to get some sort of revenge in this fixture?


Unfortunately not , a late Moise Kean consolation goal was not enough to stop us crashing back down to earth and with a game against Athletico Madrid to come we would need to be on our very best to get this group stage back on track! 

Match Day 3 Athletico Madrid Vs Dagenham 

Off to Sunny Spain we go for our hardest challenge yet in Europe facing a Athletico Madrid side managed by none other than PEP GUARDIOLA! We knew we would be up for a challenge but we're the lads up to the task? 


Although we were the better side and had more of the ball we could not find a way to break down the opposition and lost to a early Athletico goal , disappointing but not the end of the world.

Group Standings after Three Matches 


As it stands we are in 3rd place which for our first outgoing into this competition is not a disaster , we haven't been beaten badly in either game we have lost and I do have confidence that we can get out of this group! 

Stay Tuned to see whether we can climb this first hurdle! 

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England Update


Having settled into managing the England set up I decided to get to work on putting down the foundations for the next few years by implementing a new tactic for the nation Screenshot_20200711-100438.thumb.jpg.d5faa8b339425b70af7b6772f7e17f37.jpg

I went for a Asymmetric version of my formation that I did with the Liverpool front three challenge to accommodate Sancho in the starting line up , there's also a now mature Phil Foden in there.

Nations League Group Stage Results


As you can see we didn't lose a game , thumping the Germans 5-0 in the process ( albeit it I don't believe they are licensed in this year's version , correct me if I'm wrong though) 

Group Standings 


So we qualified for the next stage unbeaten which will hopefully continue as we aim to won the Nations League before our preparation to qualify for the World Cup in 2034 

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Champions League Update 

Match Day 4 Dagenham Vs Athletico Madrid


In a very close contest and having been pegged back to 1-1 Breda scored in the 56th minute to make it 2-1 to us which turned out to be the winning goal , qualification is still possible guys! 

Match Day 5 Young Boys Vs Dagenham


Breda is the store of the show again getting us the winner and keeping qualification hopes alive going into the last game against Nimes

Standings after Match Day 5 


As you can see my Dagenham side are very much in with a shout of going through , it's going to be tough with the final game against Nimes with us needing to win comfortably to qualify on goal difference but I'm confident we are able to do it!! 

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Premier League and Champions League Update 


The aim this season again by the board was to qualify against for the Champions League and we are in and about the European places , we just need to improve our form a bit for a final push to finish in the top 4 , a poor season in my eyes which may be because of the extra pressure to focus on winning in the Champions League 

Match Day 6 Dagenham Vs Nimes 

This game was vital , we needed to win by a 2 goal or more margin to create a goal swing and qualify on goal difference for the Knockout Stages , could we do it? 



Unfortunately not, in a game where we controlled the ball and had a goal ruled off side we could not get the win or scoreline needed to progress 

Final Standing Champions League


As you can see we missed out on qualification and will drop down into the Europa League which I will definitely be aiming to win! 

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Season Update


The lads managed to finish 2nd so one place higher than next season , we didn't score anywhere near enough goals as I would of liked something that MUST IMPROVE NEXT SEASON 


A poor showing in the FA Cup and a Quarter Final defeat in the League Cup means that domestic trophies still keep eluding us and another Euro cup semi final defeat this time to Inter means we still are yet to taste success at the top level 

As a manager I won't be taking a summer vacation as we have the small matter of the Nations Cup to deal with , I will update yous how my Three Lions do in a post tonight! 


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A scrappy 1-1 draw against Montenegro in qualifying was not the start I had hoped for however a win against Faroe Islands set us up comfortably for a classic in the Nations League Semi Final which we won 4-3 before crashing out miserably 5-2 against Spain

English Transfers at Dagenham


We signed all these English players plus Glen Fleming from Brighton all together for a figure of £ 467 million 



To fund all these transfers in we had a total squad revamp selling the majority of our foreign talent for £354 million ensuring that 70 percent of our squad is English and the aim is to get that to 100 percent within 2 seasons , turning this into the ideal club and country save! 


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