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Challenges The One Man Team Challenge

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I originally posted this challenge for FMM19 and have decided to bring it back again this year. I have tweaked the rules a little so if you attempted it last year please make sure you double check.

You are just a one man team!!!

It is often an accusation levelled at teams who have a star player amongst there squad that outshines the rest of the team. To me at least it is a nonsense as to achieve anything in football it requires the full team performing to a certain level and then if you have that one special player who can change a game in an instant that is the icing on the cake. Take Southampton in the 90's as an example they defied expectations that they would be relegated season after season thanks to there talisman Matt Le Tissier but had the rest of the team not been up to a standard required to stay in the Premier League they would have gone down as one player even one as good as Le God can only do so much.

The Challenge

This is a one season challenge with the aim that you get one player in your squad to be both top scorer and top assister at the end of the season. You may pick any club in any league/division in the game and there are two leaderboards depending on that choice
You are only allowed one transfer into your chosen club and that player must be your challenger or you can also use a player already in the team but in that case you are allowed no transfers in. Transfers out are allowed.


  • Get one player to be top goalscorer and top assister at the end of the season.
  • You may be any club in any nation and division in the game.
  •  You may bring one player into the club but he must be your challenger. You may also use a player already at the club and in that case you may not bring any a player in. No other transfers in are allowed.
  • Transfers out are allowed.
  • Your attempt must be made in the first season of the game.


  • 1 point for every goal your challenger get.
  • 2 points for every assist.
  • If a different player than your challenger is top scorer then -1 point for every goal he scores more than your challenger.
  • If a different player than your challenger is top assiter then -2 points for every assist he gets more than your challenger.

EG. Your challenger scores 20 goals and gets 20 assists then he scores 60 points but another player in your squad has 25 goals and 21 assists you then lose 7 points meaning your challenge total is 53 points.


  • No editing, IGE, reloading or cheating in anyway.
  • Nov or Feb DB is fine but no unofficial DBs.
  • OME or EME is fine and i will have two leaderboards so just state which engine you used.
  • Screenshots as proof are required including one to prove which leaderboard your attempt should be on, so why not post a career for us to follow.
  • Have fun.

Any questions just ask.


The club you choose decides which leaderboard you go onto. If your club is in continental competition such as the Champions League, Europa League, NACL or Asian Champions League then you go on the first leaderboard and then any other clubs you are eligible for the second leaderboard and that includes clubs in lower divisions.

Continental Clubs Leaderboard

All Other Clubs Leaderboard


Thanks for reading and good luck.

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