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Tactics All-round 3-4-2-1 (3-4-3)


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Hello, it's Jun here and welcome to my first tactic.


I am a fan of the title-winning Chelsea team under Antonio Conte as he changed the mainstream tactics in the Premier League. I've always wanted to replicate the tactic or make something similar into the FMM but most of it failed. And somehow, this time it did worked.

Please be noted that this 3-4-3 is not perfect and wasn't tested beyond 3 seasons in game. If anyone could improve it I'll be more than happy if you put your suggestion below.😄

Other things to note is I try to keep the Net Spend transfer fee around -40M Pounds as I don't feel Milan could cough up alot of money in one transfer window. (And the Financial Fair Play?)


Tactics and what I tuned over the 2.5 seasons


Season 19-20

So to start off, I was considering to have inside forwards and a lone striker up top (like most of the other tactics posted here), but the line-up photos from that Chelsea under Conte looks more like two CAMs than wingers, so I came up with something like this.



Sooo the concept is like this: The goalkeeper playing it short to the BPD (which is like a David Luiz, and I just figured out that role is a Libero a season later), the Ball-Playing Defender starting the attack by 1) having a long ball to the Advanced Playmakers or the striker receiving it and lay it down to APs. 2) Pass it to the Deep-Lying playmaker and 5 players attacking ( DW AP ST AP DW) available for the pass and the Box-to-Box midfielder having a late run into the box.


Everything seems so good on the paper until I found out this thing doesn't score goals. Most of the matches at the start were 0-0 or 1-0, that did defend well though. The second problem is the striker position. At first none of the roles ( P/TM/DLF/AF/DF) fit into the tactic and I have to rely on 38 yrs old Zlatan to carry the team, Leao is still raw and Rebic is a backup to me (cuz he disturbed the training a couple of times and being unprofessional). In the middle of the season, I bought Fekir to mold him into a striker (Poacher) and that kind of work but it's not consistent. Then, when facing stronger opponents like Roma, Inter or Juventus, I struggle to defend and lost most matches against them.


Season 20-21

In this season I fixed the striker role to DF as I feel it could bring out the most from the attacking players behind him. Turned AP to Trequartista to make them more active and involve in more attacking phases. BPD to libero as, well, that's what the analysis on that Chelsea team said in YT. And the reason I put DLP one slot lower is becuz the rating of my DLP is a disaster. No matter I put Bonaventura or Bennacer in it they don't seem to involve in many passes (even though they are in the middle of the field) or assist. They averaged 3-5 interceptions per game which is very good(?) on the defense but I hope they can do more on the offensive side.


Overall this season the team was a really offensive side, scoring the most in the league (93) and conceded the least (22). Yet Inter, Roma, and Juventus are still a threat to me, especially their pacy wingers that could break the defense easily. Moreover, the DLP problem is still unsolved with Bennacer( have more attacking attributes, aggression/decision/movement/passing/technique GREEN) and William Carvalho ( more defensive, passing/tackling/decision/positioning/strength GREEN).

BTW during the matches against Inter and Juventus I tried to use a High defensive line, pressing all-over and switched on offside trap and it cost me losses. And I never did it again.

Season 20-21 (Unfinished)

This season I changed some of the defense instructions and the pacy wingers/strikers have bothered me less often. Another reason is that it can make the team like a 5-4-1 in defensive shape and can stop ripping my team apart with a through ball.

I've also switched the mentality to Overload as I struggled to score more than 1/2 goals at the start of the season and tempo to fast as most Italian clubs don't have the fitness/energy level as us, according to the opposition report.





Player Transfers


So first I am really sorry that I could not upload the list of transfer history for the 19-21 seasons beucz I never thought I would post it here at that time. I will just screenshot the main transfers in the form of player history as proof for 2019-2021.

Season 19-20



Palomino is the only player I bought in 2019 summer. He's left-footed, great positioning/decision/tackling, and areal. I don't really look into the physicality so much cuz I don't think Serie A is too physically intensive. For Rebic, he's more like a departure. Caused problems during training and not able to hold the ball for other players, he was sent back to Germany in January as soon as I signed Fekir. Other free departures are Zlatan, Bonaventura, and Biliga, the contract expired and didn't keep them for another season.

The Net Spent is around -55Million


Season 20-21


The main departures are Conti in Summer and Castillejo in January. Conti actually did quite well but he is at his limit of improving so I cashed in on him. For Castillejo, there are 5 players rotating for the 2 CAM spots in Lucas Paqueta, Fekir, Castillejo, Calhanoglu, and Alena. While Paqueta and Fekir is on fire and Calhanoglu providing a lot of assist, he is the one to leave given Suso might be staying after his loan.


All the arrivals here are in summer 2020. One special mention is that I snapped up Poulsen on a player exchange deal. He was listed for around 11Mil and Plizarri was worth 12Mil.

Net Transfer Fee was around -14Mil

Season 20-21


...yeah, Donnarumma never wanted to sign a new deal and left on a free to Napoli.





My first season finished behind Roma and Juventus with only 22 goals conceded. On my second season, the defensive form was kept, and having some tactical changes really helped.


In the start of every season your team will always have wins with high scoring, but that will drop eventually. Other than 3 losses it is looking really promising.


Below are some player stats if you are interested


Fekir and Paqueta are my top goalscorer, second are the strikers Leao and Poulsen as their job is mainly to lay off passes for the midfielders to score. Please note that Kessie is my first penalty taker and I start him very often so Fekir and Paqueta rarely scored from penalty as I recalled. Calhanoglu provided a lot of assist given his crossing and passing ability.

Ahh please take it easy on my English as it is not my mother language, Thank You😬


Screenshot_20200721-180250_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200721-180255_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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accidently added some needless screenshots
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