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Help Transfer and loan related


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Not all my loan listed players are getting loaned and my transfer listed players take a lot of time to be sold .. tried even the fax option to managers .. someone help me with this

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Just keep offering them, and lowering the price each time until you get offers.


As for the Loans, make sure you have it switched on in your manager options to Loan out anybody under 24, this usually prompts a few asking for your players

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It's been a while since you posted, but if you're still facing challenges, here are a few suggestions. When it comes to loaned players, make sure their playing time and development opportunities align with your goals. For transfer-listed players, consider adjusting their asking price or expanding your search for potential buyers. Additionally, reaching out to other managers or joining online communities could provide valuable insights and potential solutions. Also, it's worth exploring singapore moneylender services if you need financial assistance. Remember, patience and persistence are key in the transfer market.

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Nice to refresh sometime cyclic recurring topics... I would like to add a tip. 

If you are in a nation / series without a reserve league, just organize every week a reserve match. 

This will contribute to develop your youngers faster and they will become more interesting for other teams to loan. You will receive more offers. 

Moerover reserve matches are very useful also to recover low morale or out of condition first team players 

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