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Chat Holiday Bug in FMM2020

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Hello guys, so many bugs in this year's version of FMM so I really just stopped reporting but had a weird one with holidaying recently.


So I was trying to complete an unbeaten season in the Serie A and having wrapped up the season with about 9 games to go, I decided to holiday my second to last match of the season against AC Milan only to discover I had lost by three goals to one. Clicking on the match report so as to fine my players, I discovered that my players were swapped with the players on the opposing team hence the score line. With all the updates we've had this year, I really expected FMM to be a lot better but it feels like it only got worse. I'll attach the pictures below.


Note that I tried to repeat the scenario and the game ended four nil in similar fashion with my players being swapped and  netting all the goals.




Its a little worse. Iactually got Lazio players for my team while Milan got my players for the match. How did this happen?






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