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Mr Tree

Career Tree does the KO'C Challenge and more at Liverpool (S6)

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· Posted (edited)

Cheers @Rob!

Season Five

The Kevin O'Connor Challenge

Trent had a couple of knocks, as usual, but we're past halfway now on the way to 501 games.


He had only three non-green attributes before an injury at the end of last season - he hasn't got back to that level yet :(


But I started using him more and more to fill in gaps rather than solely as a right-back, in keeping with the spirit of the challenge and the versatility of KO'C.


Up to 27 Achievements overall now. So yes, we had a good season:


Good to see him notch an "achievement" even though we lost the FA Cup :D

Man City fought hard this year, leading the league for a while as we kept drawing stupid games 0-0. We got them in the end, but they beat us in the cup final with a penalty followed by a Milinkovic-Savic first-half red card.

Our reserves managed to lose out cruelly though, despite winning 2-1 on the last day - Man Utd's 4-1 final-day win saw them somehow (?) leapfrog our boys.



Striker Peak Years Challenge

A solid final year for the 32-year-olds, although I've recruited Haaland to freshen things up a bit for season six :D


Jones was out on loan for most of the season, but him and Elliott get very good. Oyarzabal won't sign a new deal so he'll be off soon. Diakhaby is a young French regen, I think...

So the final scores, @Foxy:


115 for Mane (don't have to count that!)


205 for Salah


And 173 for Bobby. I'm no good at goalscoring challenges :(

I'd submit a 378 for Bobby+Mo as a duo, rather than a three-player total, please Mr Fox :):(

Bobby can see that the writing is on the wall though, as his age climbs and his performance decreases...



Thanks for reading! Now that we're down to just the O'Connor Challenge, I'll try to remember next time to include a bit on my formation, which is working nicely, although Liverpool are so good that I'm sure any formation would do the job!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Great work mate! Love that goal difference with over 100 scored and only 16 conceded. Not easy to score so many whilst keeping it tight at the back. 

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A fantastic season and career so far. Nothing more frustrating though than when players are at early green level for a few attributes and then an injury drops them all back to blue. 

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Many thanks @smoggy90, @Paul186 and @Ian - much appreciated! Had a few days off here - was gonna try the Messi/Ronaldo challenge but just can't get into it, not my sort of thing really...

So I'll bang this out I guess, and then I still have one more career idea, but we'll see if there's time - otherwise, it can wait till edition...


Season Six

We only have the KO'C Challenge going now, so without further ado:


Solid season for Trent...


At least he salvaged something after receiving an Adverse international achievement. Up to 33 in total, having played 311 of the 501 games needed.

So yeah as a team, we smashed it:


Some ropey performances in the league, but no real concern.

Haaland joined but he was very up and down:


Two young strikers behind him there... Salah dropped off most out of the fearsome front three, who are all getting a bit old now...


Nice 1-2 there.

Looking like another four seasons to go. Thanks for reading :)

Edited by Mr Tree

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