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Mr Tree

Career Tree does the KO'C Challenge and more at Liverpool (S9)

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Cheers @Rob!

Season Five

The Kevin O'Connor Challenge

Trent had a couple of knocks, as usual, but we're past halfway now on the way to 501 games.


He had only three non-green attributes before an injury at the end of last season - he hasn't got back to that level yet :(


But I started using him more and more to fill in gaps rather than solely as a right-back, in keeping with the spirit of the challenge and the versatility of KO'C.


Up to 27 Achievements overall now. So yes, we had a good season:


Good to see him notch an "achievement" even though we lost the FA Cup :D

Man City fought hard this year, leading the league for a while as we kept drawing stupid games 0-0. We got them in the end, but they beat us in the cup final with a penalty followed by a Milinkovic-Savic first-half red card.

Our reserves managed to lose out cruelly though, despite winning 2-1 on the last day - Man Utd's 4-1 final-day win saw them somehow (?) leapfrog our boys.



Striker Peak Years Challenge

A solid final year for the 32-year-olds, although I've recruited Haaland to freshen things up a bit for season six :D


Jones was out on loan for most of the season, but him and Elliott get very good. Oyarzabal won't sign a new deal so he'll be off soon. Diakhaby is a young French regen, I think...

So the final scores, @Foxy:


115 for Mane (don't have to count that!)


205 for Salah


And 173 for Bobby. I'm no good at goalscoring challenges :(

I'd submit a 378 for Bobby+Mo as a duo, rather than a three-player total, please Mr Fox :):(

Bobby can see that the writing is on the wall though, as his age climbs and his performance decreases...



Thanks for reading! Now that we're down to just the O'Connor Challenge, I'll try to remember next time to include a bit on my formation, which is working nicely, although Liverpool are so good that I'm sure any formation would do the job!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Great work mate! Love that goal difference with over 100 scored and only 16 conceded. Not easy to score so many whilst keeping it tight at the back. 

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A fantastic season and career so far. Nothing more frustrating though than when players are at early green level for a few attributes and then an injury drops them all back to blue. 

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Many thanks @smoggy90, @Paul186 and @Ian - much appreciated! Had a few days off here - was gonna try the Messi/Ronaldo challenge but just can't get into it, not my sort of thing really...

So I'll bang this out I guess, and then I still have one more career idea, but we'll see if there's time - otherwise, it can wait till edition...


Season Six

We only have the KO'C Challenge going now, so without further ado:


Solid season for Trent...


At least he salvaged something after receiving an Adverse international achievement. Up to 33 in total, having played 311 of the 501 games needed.

So yeah as a team, we smashed it:


Some ropey performances in the league, but no real concern.

Haaland joined but he was very up and down:


Two young strikers behind him there... Salah dropped off most out of the fearsome front three, who are all getting a bit old now...


Nice 1-2 there.

Looking like another four seasons to go. Thanks for reading :)

Edited by Mr Tree

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Many thanks for your support as always, @Paul186!


Season 7


The Kevin O'Connor Challenge

Trent was given all set-piece responsibility this season, and enjoyed himself...


359 total appearances now, with the finishing line at 501.

He even got his first ever hat-trick! With a little help...


As for the challenge...


Total achievements standing at 45 now (48 positive minus 3 adverse).



As you can see above, we had another great season...


Squad overview:


Brilliant season by Jones, who started behind Elliott and Olmo in the pecking order but forced his way through (with Harvey struggling). Bachmann is a cracking young regen Austrian striker. Mane (and Salah, Firminio and Alisson) ended up being frozen out due to being old and not very good or exciting any more...

Look at all the gooooooals in that list - 17 for Milinkovic-Savic! And my young English midfielder got 11 or 12 too, not listed.

We had a domestic clean sweep...


And a continental one too...


We had a great run of form here, which suddenly went wrong when you least want it to...


Skated my luck in retaining the FA Cup, using reserves up to the Final, as usual...



And I got a new stadium! Couldn't think of anything funny, so didn't enter a suggestion - seems I'm going down in Liverpool history...



Thanks for reading! I've obviously slowed down a bit - work, life, etc. I was hoping to start another save but don't think there'll be chance now. But I was a bit worried I'd lose stuff, cos I was planning to give up my personal phone and use the company phone to save myself some money, but the company announced last week they're planning to make about 10% of people redundant. Not worried really, should be fine, but there's always a risk some idiot makes a dumb decision on his spreadsheet and manages to axe me, so no point messing around with the phones until then! So I should have another 4-5 weeks to hopefully complete Trent's journey :)

As ever, all feedback etc is always highly appreciated!

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On 09/10/2020 at 20:06, Mr Tree said:

but the company announced last week they're planning to make about 10% of people redundant

Strange times at the moment but hopefully soon we’ll get back to some kind of normality. Best of luck with it mate. My brother was in a similar situation but ended up being alright and the two that were unfortunate managed to get jobs in another department that they’d previously worked in so worked out reasonably ok for now anyway.

Going really well here though and those three penalties may well be a record in the store, I’ll just check now!


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Just caught up mate - congrats on completing the Peak Years challenge and you're doing great with the KO'C Challenge. Looking forward to seeing how far you can take TAA... 

More importantly, good luck on the job front, hope there's nothing for you to worry about...

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Thanks @Aaron Thornton @Ian and @Scratch - sorry, I got waffling on there, didn't mean to be a sob story! Long story short, it's delayed me switching my phone and losing my game, so no disaster :D

I've only got a few days into the new season - just spent £91m on a left-back as Robbo ages and my young gun looks destined for mediocrity...

That solidified one of my two weaker areas, and frankly if they're saying that having a 4.5-star keeper as your backup is not good enough, that's not the biggest problem ever!


Edited by Mr Tree

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Season 8

Straight into it:


So less than 100 games to go now.


57 positive achievements, minus four adverse, so 53 overall.

World Footballer of the Year?


World Footballer of the Year, yep :)


Think Jones had 10 goals in the first month! Elliott's just picked up a seven-month spine injury, nice :( Regen strikers Ramos and Cabello are doing well for young'uns - Haaland not doing great in my system :( Hakimi is finally a top-level RWB to allow us to fully use Trent's versatility... For now it's enabled Trent to step into midfield, where I got £180m from Real Madrid for Romario Baro, who wasn't playing that well, but then I signed someone from Madrid to replace Baro for £90m (and he hasn't been great). The money was useful as I can only ever seem to afford one good signing per season.

I was keeping an eye on Trent and he finally jumped up to this:


Just two non-green values left.

Obv we had a great season - our best Prem points total:


We actually ground out a few results, and it was only an 8-0 final day slapping of West Ham that got us into triple figures for goals scored. Haaland got six, which shows you how bad he was otherwise...

So it looks like a couple more seasons from here (to get Trent to 501 games overall), maybe leaking into a third.

Btw I've mentioned my tactic but never got round to sharing it... It's been very good, but it has its weaknesses... Messing around earlier in the season got me used to playing two at the back, and the IWB's negate the use of a BWM, so I switched the second midfielder to a BBM instead. But obviously, any tactic could work with Liverpool really, they're so strong...




Basic ;)

Thanks for reading!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Many thanks as always, @Paul186!

Season 9

Smashing it of course, although we failed to reach the FA Cup Final for the first time in the midst of a minor wobble in Feb/Mar, whereby our good start in the League of 23-1-0 was ended by consecutive defeats, too :D

But no worries, we managed to survive in the Champions League...


...going on to beat Barcelona 4-0 in the final for our seventh consecutive crown.

Trent had a great season too:


Don't think I used him at RWB at all in the second half of the season - mainly up in CM now, though sometimes up front and sometimes centre-back. Showing true King Kev-style versatility, as the challenge intended :D

So same again next season will leave us one game short of the target of 501. We'll see how it goes. Planning to call o2 tomorrow to cancel my contract, but I guess there'll be a notice period so plenty of time to bang out the remainder of the challenge.

Haaland, controversially, got World Footballer of the Year (he doesn't like my system, so many 6's :( )...


Trent was second, but no "achievement" for second place :(

Liking the cheeky "cup runner-up" achievement though :D


60 overall as we enter the finishing straight.

Squad and club overview:


Those averages drop off quickly :(


So yeah, a successful year. Thanks for reading, and next time will probably the last update...

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