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Career Tree's Kevin O'Connor Challenge with T A-A (completed)

Mr Tree

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Hello Vibe!

So, I wanted to do my Kevin O'Connor challenge...

Short version: get a player to emulate "King Kev" with at least bright yellow competence at DR, DC, MR, MC and FC, then play 501 games for one club and see how many Achievements you rack up.

Finding an interesting player for it was tricky though, and eventually I got bored looking, narrowed it down to a few countries and checked out the wonderkids.

I hadn't done a career in America, so I tried there. But their reserves don't play so half your squad sits around doing nothing, which is irritating. Plus guys mentioned a bug where the continental tournaments don't work too.

So I gave up and went for the obvious instead:


Yep, good ol' Terrence Trent D'Arby. Shouldn't need too much more work to be eligible.

I forgot to take this screenshot at the very start, but as you can see, he has already played 55 games for Liverpool... I'm going to amend/clarify my challenge so it finishes at 501 (for his only club) - if you choose someone who has already played some games (like I have here), you have less time to get Achievements, so you're making it tougher for yourself...


Anyway, from there, it seemed obvious to have another crack at the Liverpool Front Three challenge:

Plus with all three at age 27, and me sticking around for 500+ games, I could add in the Striker Peak Years challenge:

And while I'm here, why not get myself a Late Bloomer?

I tried to find an amusing option but to be honest, my intention was that the guy would just be my backup striker, so I thought high goal totals might be a struggle. So in the end, for some reason, I settled on this fella:


He'll be my backup striker so I didn't want to set the bar too high - he hasn't managed a hundred goals in his career yet, so 101 for me will do the job. He was at Man City many years ago, and I don't know how to say his name...

I doubt I'll be able to get on Scratch's "five season hero" challenge leaderboard, but I'll keep an eye on it... I should be able to add a score for the "manager 1k challenge"... If there are any others I can tick off while I'm here, just let me know!

And otherwise, wish me luck :)

Edited by Mr Tree
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Good luck mate. You have really gone full load on the challenges isn't it😁.

I am sure you will rack up some meaty scores and thanks for the shoutout.

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Good luck mate. I love this part: "I don't know how to say his name..." 🤣 Happens to me a fair bit too.

Yeah, probably best to avoid the US. I found it okay if you just want to zip through a season with no effort or much thought (and it's easy to build a squad better than anybody else), but there's not much interesting going on with no NA CL.  Same old, same old, week in, week out. And the reserves thing was very annoying (strange how quickly that's become essential, given it was only added this year).

Anyway, lots of leaderboards waiting for your name, go get them mate!

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Many thanks @AdamNufc @Kanegan @Rob @smoggy90 @Paul186 @Foxy @broodje kip @Scratch and @Ian, much appreciated!

Season 1

More points than Klopp:


Lost the last game away at Watford :(


The Kevin O'Connor Challenge

Got T A-A yellow enough:


He had a bit of a shrug season, to be honest:


But that means:

Games Played - 96/501

Achievements - 8



Liverpool Front Three challenge

180pts from the league. This could've been so much better...




But anyway, as you can see, I'd hardly been getting much out of him - I was trying a new system, and I wanted IWB's with Wingers ahead of them - I thought Inside Forwards wouldn't work ahead of IWB's. Mane hated being a winger though, proper sulked, so I started letting him come inside and he had a great purple patch. Cut short...


Bobby was Bobby - underrated by those outside Liverpool, overrated by those within ;)


So I make that 309pts - beating my previous attempt, but not by much. I like my new formation, but it still needs some work - almost every game, a different member of the team would be throwing out an unexpected 6 :(

I guess I'll take Salah on and submit a solo Peak Years Challenge score, but we'll see how it all unfolds...


Late Bloomer challenge

Well happy with this, especially after it took a couple of months for him to grab his first:


Phil did a great job rotating in - four more seasons of that will do nicely...

Target: 22/101


Thanks for reading!

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Great job mate. BTW - TAA has 8 Achievements and 8 Yellow Cards. I'll be watching that race very closely from here on in! 🤣

How is Caicedo looking? Much degradation? Seems like a pretty good job as a sub. 

Anyway, keep it up!

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On 06/08/2020 at 10:26, Scratch said:

Great job mate. BTW - TAA has 8 Achievements and 8 Yellow Cards. I'll be watching that race very closely from here on in! 🤣

How is Caicedo looking? Much degradation? Seems like a pretty good job as a sub. 

Anyway, keep it up!

Oh, apologies, just came to update season two and I see I forgot to come back and answer this question. I did go and grab the screenshot though:


That compares to this when I bought him:


So just dropped one in Passing, Shooting, Creativity and Decisions... No physicals... Not ideal, but not the worst.

I also realised later that I should have added the Transfer History, just with there being a lot of big-club players here as well as Liverpool fans, the transfers might be "interesting" (or they might not) :



Some of those outgoings were done at the end of the season, just guys with no use. I sent Oxlade-Chamberlain in exchange for Milinkovic-Savic. I had grand designs on Sabitzer forming a foursome for the Peak Years challenge, but he was naff...

Season 2 coming up...

Edited by Mr Tree
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Thanks for the support and feedback @broodje kip @Scratch @Paul186 @Ian and @smoggy90, highly appreciated!

Season 2

Season Summary


Smashed it - one goal shy of 3 per game in the league. Bit unlucky in the Champs League:


This year's transfers - Oyarzabal the big recruit, Kamara a good young CB, plus two young keepers and a young (possibly Falcao regen?) striker:


Got rid of some never-gonna-be's:




Kevin O'Connor Challenge

Trent was a bit more involved with set-pieces this year:


But England were woeful in the European Championships, of course, and he stopped getting Young Player of the Month awards, so just 12 achievements overall. I didn't screenshot the games (or yellow cards, sorry Scratch - next time!), but we can assume he's around 150 overall, target 501...



Striker Peak Years Challenge

Salah had 60 last season, and with a last-game hat-trick he added 50 this season:



The other two were great too - I think that would be a "Liverpool Front Three" score of 365, although it's easier in the second year of course, hence it being a year one challenge. God knows how some of you get so much more!!


Late Bloomer Challenge

Caicedo is the next player down from the above screenshot - as you can see, he played well and I used him, but not too many goals. Might have to mix him in a bit more next year... Or just give up on him...


32 of his target of 101



Sorry @samhardy - Sunderland's successful 2019/20 season only led to immediate capitulation. They did, at least, achieve what was doubtless one of their preseason targets, getting more than half of Brentford's point total.



Thanks for reading - as always, all comments are highly appreciated!

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6 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

They did, at least, achieve what was doubtless one of their preseason targets, getting more than half of Brentford's point total.

I believe this is actually a part of our 5 year plan in real life, along with “getting the lift fixed at the academy” and “fixing the roof of the stadium”.

...I’m not joking either. The last two actually are genuine aims under the current regime announced at a meeting with a fan’s group. It actually came up before investing in the right players instead of waiting to see who the Championship clubs reject and getting results on the pitch :(

Good start to the career!

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Looking good mate, except maybe Caicedo - but then it's hard to do that many challenges at once and give them all enough air time. 

Sad to see Sunderland going down again.

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Many thanks @Paul186 @Scratch @Kanegan and @smoggy90.

@samhardy, is it still those two muppets from the last series of the documentary in charge? I can definitely believe they'd come out with such nonsense!

Fortunately I have more Sunderland news for you...

Season 3

The Mackems finished second, just behind me!


We went on to win the tournament, our second in three years, boom! My reserves have been shit-hot here, won the reserves league twice too - this is the first save where my reserves haven't been a basket-case. Weird - must be a reputation sort of thing...




Kevin O'Connor Challenge

Cry me a River Trent, as TAA's form dived, leading me to put Kiana Hoover in towards the end of the season.


And unfortunately, that meant that he didn't take the credit for various successes - even the league!!


Lesson learned. 15 achievements so far. I've been training him further for the other positions too, just to see how far I can go, and I'll probably get him on all set-pieces etc to boost his ratings.


Striker Peak Years Challenge

Awesome year for Bobby, but Salah never quite caught fire like the first two seasons. Still keeping my options open on whether to submit a one-, two- or three-person score...



Late Bloomer Challenge

Yeah sorry, despite your reassurances above, I gave Felipe a five-year contract to be sure he'll stick around, then he played rubbish for a while and I got bored, started using Brewster as the backup instead.


So he's on 38 with a long way to go to 101. Probably given up. Might do a different one in due course, although still pondering what to do next...

This year's transfers, btw:


Koulibaly got all sulky cos Kamara played well while he was injured so I didn't drop him. Romario has always popped up on searches but I've never had him before... Milinkovic-Savic and Fabinho started mostly, but Baro had a good first season as the first backup. Chilwell expensive as a backup LB. I like Keita but didn't need him...


Thanks for reading!

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Nice work Mr Tree. Interesting that he didn't get credit though - that sucks! Makes sense with the Late Bloomer challenge, but hope you give it another shot sometime. 

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23 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

is it still those two muppets from the last series of the documentary in charge?

One of them is, Charlie Meth-head “left” the club whilst still maintaining his stake, Donald is trying to sell apparently but until it happens I don’t believe him 😕

Very surprising that TAA didn’t get the league win achievement after playing 28 games :S Does this mean they actually have to be playing the game you win the league in?

Could have a player that plays 37 games of the season yet misses the one you win the league in and doesn’t get rewarded 😂

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Thanks for the support, @Scratch!

@samhardyi think the obvious conclusion to make is that noone cares about Achievements, at all :D

But I'm bringing them back!

Brilliantly, I managed to inadvertantly "prove" something this time around - and that was that it DOESN'T matter if they play in the game when you seal the title. Because I managed to rotate Trent out again for the crucial match, realised it in horror at the end, so I checked and he had (already) been given the Achievement. So it was quite curious that he got it immediately (rather than at the end of the league), and curious too that he must have had to play a certain amount, and didn't last year. And I can't even help, as I didn't think to check how many league games he'd played in at that point! Maybe next year ;)

Anyway Sam, before I get into the meat of the season, I have to say that Sunderland keep popping up!


It disappoints ME that my second XI can't defeat the Black Cats' first team.

But revenge shall be mine...


And we went on to win the trophy, again, our 3rd in 4 years!

Sadly, that one didn't make it on to Trent's Achievements file, but let's see what did...


Season Four

The Kevin O'Connor Challenge

There were the first signs of dissent...


Stupidly, I trained him just at MR (for the challenge), and now he refuses to become an AMR (for my system). I tested how far he'd go and he's gone bright green at DC, MC and FC - I'll show you next time...

This was a worry!


But fortunately, a new contract shut him up.

So we've logged 219 games on the way to 501 now:


And of course, those assists gave him a better rating which got him awards:


5 Liverpool players, 4 Barcelona players, 1 Bayern Munich, and 1 ex-Brentford player. I feel we're under-represented.

So a decent year:


Putting us on 21 overall.


Late Bloomer Challenge

Token acknowledgment that this won't be happening:


So that would be 43 in total, target 101.

He still does a job, bless him - useful for those games where you just rest your whole team.


Striker Peak Years Challenge

We're coming towards the end of this five-year challenge - I'm still keeping my options open for whether the two-man or three-man score will be more impressive here (can't submit both)... I'll probably end up leaving Mane out, simply cos he hasn't played up-front at all... But we'll see...

The three of them did well:


Here's the overall numbers for the season... Loving those assist numbers!!


Brewster was out on loan (at Man Utd!!) for a while before coming back to give us some useful minutes towards the end of the season.

Here's the overall season summary:


Alisson got a three-week injury so I played a 16yo rather than disturb a better keeper's loan... The kid did well for 3-4 games, but we suffered our only loss of the season...

Until! Relegation-threatened Leicester got a miraculous injury-time winner late in the season, when I went kamikaze looking for a late winner myself. Would've been a famous victory! :)

A quick look at the transfers:


Inbound were a 4th-choice midfielder, a 5th-choice striker, a young centre-back who's already bursting through, and a 3rd-choice WBL. Hard to find many upgrades otherwise! There's been a few centre-mids that I tried to buy (Goretzka, Tolisso, Bentancur), but the game dicks around, rejects my bids and then removes them from my shortlist, or accepts lower bids from other clubs and rushes the deals through. It's a bit annoying :)


Anyway, thanks for reading - all likes and comments are highly appreciated! 

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Thanks @Paul186 and @Scratch!

Just had to share quickly, first league game of the new season!


I think the Everton boss might have struggled to survive being 7-0 down at half-time to your rivals on the opening day!!

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