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Career My attempt at The Kevin De Bruyne Challenge.

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First of all thanks to @Rob for creating this challenge, I don't do many challenges on here, but this was simple and short, (good for my short attention span) 😊😔.


So how did it go:


11 goals and 30 assists makes it 41 points. Overall I'm pleased with this attempt but as you can see he only played 30 out of 38 Premier League matches due to this:


Frustratingly he missed 3 months due to injury, so I can't see myself being first on the leader board for too long.


Player Stats Tables:


Cracking season from Aguero as to be expected, after all he is as elite as you can get. 



KDB running rampant in the assists table, Leroy Sane getting a decent number also. 



75% win percentage over the season is probably a bit on the low side but for a first and only season, im not too fussed. 


I didn't screenshot my transfers but we made one signing, Miles Skriniar for 100 mil and sold Claudio Bravo for 15.5 mil.


In conclusion, a decent attempt and I'll probably attempt this one again in the near future as I like one season challenges. Again thanks to @Rob, could you add me to the leaderboard and to everybody else good luck, I'm sure my target is easily beatable. 


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19 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Nice attempt really hope you’d go further in the cups to get a few more assist 

Only league goals and assists count.

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Nice attempt Aaron, it’s the injuries that are my main concern with this challenge as every time I’ve used Kevin in the past which hasn’t been many times he’s suffered injuries.

I’ve nearly finished my attempt but messed up thinking it was goals and assists from all competitions. I’m still going to post it up though later on today. 

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Great effort and massively unfortunate with that injury. But for that your score would look a lot different as you clearly had a good system. 

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11 minutes ago, Aaron Thornton said:

@Rob @Woody @Ian @broodje kip @smoggy90 @Foxy thanks all for the nice comments, I really enjoyed attempting this challenge, I would like to do more  on here, out of interest what would yous say is your favourite challenge. 

What sort of challenge are you after?

  • Team based
  • Goal scoring
  • one season, a couple of seasons or more
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Nice work considering the injury. I'd missed this challenge, but looks like a good one to try - will probably give it a go at some point. I used to always try and sign KDB's regen in long term saves, back when regens were a little more obvious. Couldn't ever get the real thing (at places like Celtic), but the regen was normally pretty good as well.

If you're looking for long term challenges, the obvious ones are the 1KC, the DT (Double Trouble) and the TT (Triple Threat). There are some other ones too, but they are the classics. It can be a long slog though.

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6 minutes ago, Aaron Thornton said:

@Scratch my plan is to do a TT, I have my players chosen already, I just cant decide on a team yet. 

Haha, I know that feeling. Inter was about the 5 team I chose for my current career. Can take a while to find one that fits just right. 

Anyway, good luck with that, I look forward to seeing how you go. 

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