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Career Cockers Attempts the Frenchy Toons Challenge


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Thanks goes to @AdamNufc for this Challenge 

Due to understanding you can buy players with Exchanges makes it a little easier to get better player as long as you don't exceed the £16Mil and under 25

Saying that, there is not an abundance of young players who can really cut it in the Premiership League, especially for under £16Mil and under 25 years old, so my hat goes off to @AdamNufc for coming up with the concept and rules.

So here goes, I don't normally put bit's here and there, but as I am eagerly awaiting the results of the Challenge Cup 2020 which I'm hoping to get through to the next round, I thought a long side it I would look at the Frenchy Toons Challenge.

To start, it's managing Newcastle Utd, which is a Honour to manage a great Club showered with some good history, and it's where my Twin and her family live, and have season tickets for the Toon Army.

So can I make them proud, Newcastle that is, not my Sister 😆


So to start with my managerial screenshot shows I have a reputation of being a World Class manager which will help when bringing in some of the players I will need over the next 3 seasons



So I have made some shrewd transfers by opting to Exchange vital players already at the Club, obviously this is better to lure players, but not so good if you want your money's worth as they end up leaving for a price that isn't worth their experience.

As @Scratch did I have opted to sell all my players and bring in a full French side hopefully giving me the Goals and Assist points required to get on the Leaderboard

Players In:

I will point out the Star players later in the Career update, but as you will see Malang Sarr, Marcus Thuram and Anthony Braincon are some names that should produce some good performances for me.




Players Out:

As I said, got some good prices individually, opting to sell EVERYONE to fund a full French Side




So I am around 15 games in, in all competitions, and I have done ok so far, I have not gone gun-ho with my set up, but more a structured set up for the first season to try and mature the players in to hopefully improve throughout the 3 seasons.

So up an until I played Everton away I had done relatively well beating Arsenal, Man City and Man Utd at home, and drawing with Chelsea away to name but a few. The tell tale sign is how we will cope with such a young squad when the fatigue kicks in, I have a big enough squad to fill the places, but not all are as good to really be playing in this league, but we will see.



Thanks for reading, and another update very soon

Edited by Cockers2505
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On 10/08/2020 at 17:20, AdamNufc said:

Thanks for starting the challenge @Cockers2505 hopefully you do well! 

Looks an excellent start you've made so far 

Thanks @AdamNufc thought it would be a good one to attempt

On 11/08/2020 at 01:06, Scratch said:

Good luck this @Cockers2505 - I found it a nice little challenge to do. You made a great start there, especially considering the total overhaul of the team. My start was much rougher. 🙂 

Cheers @Scratch, it's been ok so far, look forward to next season as they mature a little more

On 11/08/2020 at 06:25, Kanegan said:

What a start mate. Great going.

Cheers @Kanegan it's been a good season so far

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Update Season 1

So I have completed the first Season, and I must admit for such a young side, and considering it's a makeshift team due to the amount of transfers, I didn't do to bad, let me show you

First of all the Awards, why I must admit I didn't think in the first season, with Liverpool and Man City having such strong teams, I would even look at an award with this team, but,

English Premier Division Players' Team of the Year

So Marcus Thuram and Allan Saint-Maximin take 2 of the attacking positions, which did surprise me considering who they was up against



English Premier Division Footballer of the Year

Again Allan Saint-Maximin surprises everyone with an outstanding display to take top spot



English Premier Division Players' Player of the Year

Both Allan Saint-Maximin and Marcus Thuram take 1st and 3rd place 



English Premier Division Players' Young Player

Again both Allan Saint-Maximin and Marcus Thuram take 1st and 3rd place 



English Premier Division Manager of the Year

I was very surprise to take 2nd place, but I will take it for my first season in this Challenge




Considering my run I reported in the first update, I then went on to continue some upsets, but at the same time lost some terrible games along the way. Liverpool wiped me out of the Carabao Cup with a surprised 3-3 draw at home, but the away game finished us off with a 6-1 drubbing at Anfield.

The FA Cup saw us reach the Fifth Round, only to be beat by Championship Fulham, a complete unexpected nightmare game







The League

We completely surprised ourselves for the First season, the team was made up of youngsters, and un be-known to each other, but we some how got ourselves a 4th Place finish behind Man City, Tottenham and Liverpool, getting us in Europe in Season 2.


Team Statistics

Goals - Thuram and Guirassy was the main strikers in my 2 Striker formation, not many goals to brag about, but they are young and gaining experience each season.



Assists - Considering Thuram played as a CF in my formation, he did very well to provide 16 assists as well as scoring goals, the rest of the team chipped in to provide the front 2.



Star Players

I have highlighted 3 main players that she thought the first season

Marcus Thuram - Still only 22 years old, but his Stats are improving each week, I play him as a CF which I wonder is hindering him to get more goals as he provides as well, or it's his natural ability so leave him, only time will tell


Marcus Coco

Another Marcos that has so much promise at such a young age, he is fast, strong and fit, so running inside and up the wing comes easy to him, hopefully next season he will continue to meet all expectations


Allan Saint-Maximin

Not introduction needed I guess, especially to the Newcastle fans in this Forum, I didn't hold to much regard for him at one stage as he wanted to move, had mood swings, and basically just pissed me off, but he came through in the end and became my main man week in week out.


Final Managerial Stats

Profile- overall a good first season as a manager for Newcastle, I believe I can strengthen the team, so a few more coming in next season, this hopefully with those maturing, will booster my chances of a top 3 finish maybe?


History - Could do with a better run out and improved results in the Cup, especially the Champions League, hopefully fingers crossed I have enough in the squad to get good results throughout.



Total Goals - 85

Total Assists - 82

Score for Season 1 = 167


Thanks for reading and comments welcome as always

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Nice start @Cockers2505. Definitely a step up on what I was able to achieve in the first season. Coco has worked out well for several people now, but wasn't really on my radar - looks like I missed out on that one! Anyway, good luck next season - please go with the CL for us! 🙂

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Good start. I also came 4th in my 1st season so you definitely are going to win trophies in the upcoming seasons although I had a pretty dismal run in CL. 

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22 hours ago, Scratch said:

Nice start @Cockers2505. Definitely a step up on what I was able to achieve in the first season. Coco has worked out well for several people now, but wasn't really on my radar - looks like I missed out on that one! Anyway, good luck next season - please go with the CL for us! 🙂

Thanks @Scratch I’ve had a couple of surprises with the players i bought, including Coco who has excelled

17 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Good start. I also came 4th in my 1st season so you definitely are going to win trophies in the upcoming seasons although I had a pretty dismal run in CL. 

Hopefully i can get a good run in the CL which will ramp up the clubs rating

2 hours ago, Rob said:

Steady start. Looking forward to seeing season two.

Cheers @Rob with the Challenge Cup going on I’ll be hitting season 2 very soon

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8 hours ago, Ian said:

Nice first season and Champions League football to look forward to next year. Seems like you’ve built a nice young squad so things are looking good.

Thanks @Ian I’m hoping i can have a good run in the CL, and the squad improve with maturity, I’ve a couple of new faces as well hopefully to improve the next season

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On 15/08/2020 at 14:26, AdamNufc said:

Just caught up with this! Great start @Cockers2505 keep it up! You defo won't be facing the sack like I ended up doing 😂

Cheers @AdamNufc

Season 2 Update



Odsonne Edouard needs no introduction, got him from Celtic with a player exchange, he will make a brilliant addition to the already growing team. 



Also Jonathan Bamba and Kelvin Amian bring strong experience at such young ages, with a couple fo freebies to strengthen each position.




Tale end of the remaining squad of None French players are sold or let go.





We had a sub standard season again, I lost more games than I would of liked, but some surprises along the way






One of the best scores throughout Season 2 was winning away against Shaktar in the Champions league Group stages, a comfortable 1-7 win with 4 goals for Edouard


Final League finish:

We finished one place below the previous season, same amount of losses, this time drawing to many games to pinch the last Champions League spot, but a European place will have to do.


Season Awards

English Premier Division Footballer of the Year

Saint-Maximin clinches 2nd place 



English Premier Division Players' Team of the Year

2 more players make the Team of the Year, this time Marcus coco and new boy Kelvin Amian



English Premier Division Manager of the Year

An achievement to see myself get 3rd place in the Manager of the year slots.



Team Statistics

Av. Ratings

The squad continues to get some really good end Ratings, we are starting to gel even better as the players get used to each other, and they continue to excel with the Tactics being chosen.




As expected Edouard clinches most goals with a season finish of 21 goals, Thuram gets himself a tally of 16, overall not the highest of goals, but anybody who tries this will see how hard this is with such a young side.




With the tactic and style of play, we are expected to spread the assists around, this showing in the final stats with Bamba the highest on only 9.



End of Season 2 Managerial Statistics 

Club History

Quarter finalist in the Champions Cup, Quarter Final in the Carabao Cup and knocked out in the Fifth round of the FA Cup


Manager Profile

So 2 seasons gone, and I have lost 20 games total, and won 56 out of the 101 games played, my GA could be better, showing that I am conceding to many goals.


Final Points from Season 1 & 2

Season 1:

Score for Season 1 = 167

Season 2:

Total Goals - 92

Total Assists - 79

Score for Season 2 = 172

Total from Season 1 & 2 - 167 + 172 = 339

Season 3 to follow very soon

Thanks for reading and any comments are welcome...

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