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Challenges Liverpool wing back challenge


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Hello everyone, i have thought of a challenge involving a club very close to my heart and two of my favorite players.  

Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold plans to be a one-club man - AS.com 




We all know both of these players who are arguably the best fullbacks in the world. Robertson got 12 assists this season while alexanderarnold got 13!!! 25 in total


This is a one season challenge where you take over Liverpool and try to get as many assists with alexanderarnold and Robertson. Every assist is one point; league assists only.

But lets add a little twist to make it a little more interesting:

every goal scored by each one of these players is -1 point

roundup of rules:

  • one season challenge
  • take over liverpool
  • use alexanderarnold and robertson in the fullback or wingback position (not in midfield)
  • every assist by either of these players is 1 point 
  • every goal scored by either of these players is -1 point
  • league assists and goals only
  • any transfers allowed
  • standard rules apply

so your final score is :  (Robertson assists + Alexanderarnold assists) - (Robertson goals + Alexanderarnold goals)


Leaderboard : (you need a score of at least 20)



Thank you for reading. This is my first challenge created on vibe so im sorry if it doesn't make sense or if someone has already make a challenge like it.

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This will be hard in the sense of both get their assists by excellent free kick takers, also scoring at times, so setting them as free kick takers might hinder you, one to think about, well done

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