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Career Dave attempts the Scouser front three challenge!


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First off thanks @Rob for this great little challenge, smashed through it today!

This tactic suited the way I play football manager and that’s all out attack and it brought me a pretty good score, may try it again as I think some of the signings could have been better. And I didn’t get the very best out of Mané this time out.  But all in all very happy. Only losing one game was a highlight but I did expect to win most things with the squad I had. Comments are welcome👍

Maldonado don’t know how to hide content of these images on my phone🙈

Score of 428🤗















Edit: The images have all swapped around, they weren’t in this order 🤬

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42 minutes ago, RichDave32 said:

Thanks @Rob @Ian

If I try this again can I train mane as a striker? Didn’t do it this time but will if I can next time 👍

Yes. Absolutely fine.

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5 hours ago, Ian said:

Nice attempt!

I have been reading this website for a while, but your topics stuck out Ian, I like the way you play FM, similar to me, enjoy your comments. So thank you Ian 👍

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