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Tactics Zeman 433 overload. Unbeaten league. 102 Points.


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I have done this formation inspired by Zeman 433.

I have gone unbeaten in league and only lost 2 games all season. 

Also to test it I asked assistant to choose the team and never made substitutions unless someone got injured or I got a red card.

I also bought no one.

Won the league by reaching 102 points and 17 goals conceded. Won the Spanish cup too.

Screenshot_20200815-014026_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014341_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014507_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014512_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014515_FM20 Mobile.jpg


Screenshot_20200815-014541_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014611_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014623_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-014635_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-105730_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-111239_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200815-111303_FM20 Mobile.jpg


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