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Challenges Woody's Points(mins) Win Prizes.


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Hello folks....

Welcome to my challenge.

Everyone knows, points win prizes.

This little one season challenge will let you do just that but with a subtle difference.

A game as we know is split into two halfs each containing 45 mins(excluding time added on).

Your job is to pick a player(at the club or bought) to play in your striker position.

Its your strikers job to get the points for your team.

He must play from the start of each half unless injury prevents him from doing so.

Each half will hopefully entitle you to  upto 45 points. For every minute your chosen player scores in brings you that many points.

For the 2nd half every minute over 45 is classed as 1point so for example 65mins on the clock would be 20pts if your striker scored at that time point to keep a maximum of 45 points from each half.

Rinse and repeat.

Continue this until the end of your season and total up your overall score.


This is a game of two halves, so once you have finished your score will be halved to give you your total.

So if your mins came to 1200 points you then halved that to give you your total of 600 points.

Unfortunately thats not the end of it, as a little twist the overall total of greens your player has at the end of the season will be added together and taken away from your final score.





Carlos' greens total 34 so if Carlos finished his season as he looks here his greens would be deducted from your total points.

Cruel i know 😈


As this is a one season challenge a league with a 38 game season must be used as league games only count towards your points.


* Own formations only.

* Striker must start each half unless injured. 

* If striker isnt fit to start he doesnt play so can't be a sub!

* Goals scored in time added on counts as 45 points.

* Any badges are allowed aswell as reputation.

* No unlockables.

* Transfers are allowed besides your chosen striker.

* Above all no bloody cheating(this means no reloading).

Hope you enjoy the Challenge.

Good luck.





Edited by Woody
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Gonna give this a crack, love short little challenges.

Im presuming if your striker scores in 30th and 65th min of one game, thay would be 50 points? Or is it just one goal per game?

Edit - do multiple goals in one half count? 

Edited by Jsavfc
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