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Career My attempt on the Kevin De Bruyne challenge


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Hello everyone, a long time reader of these forums and FM player, but a first time poster.

Enjoy doing these sorts of challenges so here is my first attempt at the Kevin De Bruyne one by @Rob

Went experimental on the formation as I wanted to players in attacking positions for more goals, and defeats not mattering so much, but also I tried to adjust the roles so most of the play would go through De Bruyne.

With my signings, I focused on workhorses mainly to try and do all the ‘ugly’ work to allow KDB to flourish. Perhaps too much.


This seemed to work to an extent as he managed 31 goals in 35 league games, although I was disappointed with the assist return of ‘only’ 17.

So 31 + 17 = 49 points for my attempt


I was fortunate with injury, he played 90 minutes in every game until game 34 he went off injured and was out for 2 months, I managed to wheel him out for the last game of the season still injured and on 70%, I probably wouldn’t have risked him so soon had it not been the end of the season, he rewarded me with a goal and an assist.


Slight frustration in a run where he missed 4 penalties in 3 games, including 2 in a 0-0 draw against Norwich, although 1 of the penalties he did score from the rebound.


Overall happy with this first attempt, think we should have scored more goals as a team, but we did go unbeaten in the league and won it comfortably, alongside the FA Cup. A bit of tweaking with the system before attempting again I think!


Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll be taking part in more very soon!

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Nice attempt, he did very well and was clearly the star of then team.

Its great that he managed a goal and assist in the last game whilst being injured 😂

Well done. 

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