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Chat Unrealistic signings and economy


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Hello everyone


I'm new to the forum and to the game as well (played alot of FM as a kid tho). So I've played with two teams so far A.C Milan was the first one, and I didn't find it unrealistic that you would be able to sign the best players after a couple of seasons. 

My second team Brøndby If from Denmark, I've managed to buy some of the best players, after a couple of seasons. I've been CHL every year, but rarely made it through group stage. But won the CHL last season with a mix of some of the best players and some wonderkids ranging from 4 to 5 stars. 

And my economy is also in a very healthy stage (unrealistic). I made the money on buying/signing players for free/cheap and then sell em a season later with a profit. So is this just an unintended outcome after playing a couple of seasons, that it gets extremely unrealistic? 



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Looks quite ok to me. Some players willing to join lower level club like Reinier for example would join a Vanarama National league team if you could afford the wage.

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Yea but he's a wonderkid and 19 years old when game starts or something like that. But signing haaland and Felix at 25 years old and 5 stars rated, is beyond realistic if you ask me. Same goes for traoré and fati. 

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It could be about the wage. Some players would consider your team when your club is stable financially also if you could offer the amount of money they wanted

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