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First want to say hi and wish I seen this community sooner as I thought FMM players was overlooked by the PC communities hidden away in a backdoor forum thread.

I've started my journey awhile ago so this will be a quick reflection bit I want to share my story with this unpickable team.

So I've started my first career with Kettering FC in the Conference North battling my way to 10th with a strict budget as I'm stingy on wages 🙈 next season gotten promotion in the Conference National then snuck into winning the playoffs inorder to proceed to L2, whilst constantly pleading with board to upgrade the park field into real training facilities I got fed up and found a position available for FC United back in the Conference North, having an interest in the team since the Man U hostile take over years ago.

Got the team and managed to take some loyal future potentials with me, promotion first season with a new shiny stadium called....... New Trafford 😂

Bashingthrough the leagues like there's not tomorrow until reaching the championship where I hit a wall for 3 season I broke into the premium league in 2032/33 and became a team to be reckoned with placing 13th first season.

Past 5 season everything came to getting being a top 2 contender and climbing up Europe.


Recently doing the quadruple and producing top English players who brought the cup home.



Really enjoyed my career and thinking about a new challenge in a few seasons maybe.

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