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Chat Thinking about doing a challenge? Domestic only


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Calling a Vibes challengers! 🙊 I'm starting to lose interest in my FC United career now it's turned into top team in the world mode and wanting to feel that struggle some more so I've been thinking of making a Domestic only challenge where you can only sigh domestic players.

Also adding more fun of having a point system when another club request to buy your player you get one point, or maybe something with domestic caps/goals too.

Thinking teams with having a second team could be fun for this like Cadiz A and B.

Any thoughts/ideas on this or if a similar challenge is out there then please let me know.

Thank you.

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1 hour ago, RichDave32 said:

May be something you could be interested in 👍

That's a good shout, I did enjoy the lower league progression might give it a go whilst me and my friend think of a good domestic system.

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