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Career Glory to return to Fratton Park?


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Portsmouth FC

Doesn’t feel like it was twelve long years ago since Pompey lifted that FA cup trophy beating Cardiff in the final, but I’m sure for those Pompey fans out there, it feels like an eternity. I’ve always fancied going them on FM but never got around to it. But this is the time. 

The goal

Portsmouth were always an entertaining team to watch under Sir Harry and my goals will be similar, to score plenty of goals and get back to the promise land as soon as possible and take them to a trophy. This time instead of administration I will be trying to carry on that success until we get that elusive champions league trophy. But for that to happen there will be no over spending, my goal is to have made more money than I’ve spent every season.

If any challenges come my way whilst doing it, then I’ll add them in. 

Started the career tonight so hopefully get a post in for tomorrow. Hopefully we can see these kind of images at Wembley and Fratton park in the near future!



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So the first season is now done and what a season it was, when I said I’d bring entertainment, I really didn’t think it would be this much 🤣

The Transfers 


So as you can see a massive overhaul of the squad and I was delighted with bringing the players I did in, a couple of the Loan transfers in, I decided I didn’t want them pretty much straight away, so they headed back.

The Team


This was the first team for the season, I used my trusty tactic which I know gets goals, goals and a bit more goals, Created this tactic over lockdown and it hasn’t let me down yet so it gave me a bit of confidence going in to the season.

Leasing Trophy

Pretty standard to win this trophy whilst in league 1, even though we didn’t take enough chances as seen below.


FA Cup

So as I mentioned in the opening post, I wanted to win the FA Cup at some point with Pompey, but surely I couldn’t do it from league 1?


As you can see some outstanding performances on the cup and was pleasantly surprised. Some big wins against teams above, even the Man Utd game, we created a lot of chances!

League Table


Well what a season that was, delighted with how the league went, the boys were so consistent in getting us goals and out scoring the opponent, really enjoyed the season.

Player Stats


As you can see, the goals massively spread out which my tactic is made for, they all liked to get on the scoresheet.

Manager Profile



So as you can see a good amount of goals scored, nice amount of money brought in as well. I wanted us to make money on the way to the top and so far we have done that.

All in all a great season, going to be hard to follow this up, but I’m sure they’ll give it a good go.

Thank you for reading 👍

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Good afternoon, hope you’re all well.

Season 2

Well this season went way above expectations and I’ve never had a season like it in terms of league goals scored as you will see below.


Firstly the board went behind my back and decided to sell McKenna in January which I was gutted about, we managed to bring Dale Fry in though as he was transfer listed and his stats were great. Also signing Adam Armstrong an old favourite of mine, his starts ballooned half way through and his finishing went up to 19.




The starting line up


Unal started most of the season for Marquis but he was injured a lot towards the end of the season. May was a surprise, he came back from loan and had some decent stats and he made the DLP role his own.

Team stats


As you can see, a massive amount of goals scored by the boys, a few players really surprised me. 

Team Performance 

We over performed massively in the league and scored 7 goals 9 times in the league. We went out of the FA cup in the 5th round to Wolves after beating Preston 7-1 in the round before.


As you can see we nearly got the 200 league goals which at one point looked more than likely, injuries in the end stopped this. But it’s the most I’ve ever scored I think.

Manager Profile


As you can see we are averaging a big amount of goals now, which will be hard as we move up to the Prem.



As I said in opening I wanted us to be very good with our pennies. Manage to made a lot of money and I’ve put it all in the wages as we gear up for the prem.


All in all one of the most enjoyable seasons I’ve had on this years, so many goals, I’m sure the Pompey fans will be delighted. Thank you for reading, comments are more than welcome 🤗


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Season 3

Well after a great couple of seasons to start out, surely the wheels will fall off at some point, or will they? 


Well firstly, we weren’t given a big amount of money, we were given 28m to spend and having a very poor squad for the premiership, I was concerned with how we would do. We weren’t able to make money this season but didn’t go overboard with money spent. I also forgot to sign a keeper and was out of budget by then, so we had a very average keeper all season.


The team


This is the starting line up we went with in most of our games.

The performances


So as you can see, we over performed massively this season again, managing to score that many goals I'm sure the fans were entertained again, obviously we need to improve defensively, a new keeper is a must for next season. I was a bit gutted losing that semi final to Manchester City as we played well and had beaten them in the league. But we got to play at Wembley again.

Squad Stats


Was gutted with how many games Unal and Kean missed through injury, Unal looks a steal at 1m. Nelson was unplayable in most games, he’s enjoyed his time at Pompey as he won the leagues player of the year.

Manager Profile 


I think this will end up being my entry in to the 1000 goal challenge, didn’t expect it from when I started this career, but the boys love scoring!

Thank you for reading, comments are welcome.

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Season 4

So managed to get this season in today, so a pretty fast turnaround in seasons and this one did not disappoint again.



So as you can see, a few ins and outs but again not much money spent and a lot of youngsters for the future, I wasn’t sure if we were much stranger than the bikes previous season. We brought in more money than we spent which is what I wanted.



This was my go to team for the season, which is wasn’t the strongest team in the league, but did they over perform for me, they clicked as a team and you shall see results below.

League Results


Well what can I say, I didn’t think we would win the league this early on, we amassed a huge amount of goals again and Enes Ünal has really turned out to be probably my best signing on this years game, his stats have improved so much, he’s truly world class now and only cost 1m.

Champions League


We stormed the group stage, beating Juventus 5-1 away and 4-1 at home, so it gave me confidence going forward, but we were unlucky to lose to RBL, just one step too far for us. Maybe next season we can win it?

Squad Stats


Plenty of goals shared about again but Unal truly did great, very important to this team and is my captain.  Also Jude Bellingham got in world team of the year which was a surprised but a good one.

Manager Profile


I hope to get to a 1000 goals maybe in the next season or so, that will put me in the managers 1000 goals challenge leaderboard then, didn’t expect that With this save, but it’s been great.



So yeah things are looking well going in to the 5th season, we did have a lot more money in the bank but we used it on upgrading our training and youth facilities and they are now maxed out. We have made a net spend since I arrived at the club, which I’m delighted with.

Thank you for reading, comments are welcome. Been thinking of posting the tactic, because it’s truly been brilliant since I made it for me 😁


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