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Help A bit of a dilemma!


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I have a couple of wunderkids with potential in my squad and they are ready for first team but they don't quite have the stats. At the same time I have experienced players with the stats but have peaked. What do I do? Do I go for youth over experience or vise versa?

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Why not use a mixture of the two?

If you are winning comfortably at half time, bring a few younger players on. 
Have two squads - rotate depending on the game. 

Thats how i normally do it, my 1st team which plays important games, 2nd team which plays weaker opposition, earlier cup games, and league games if/when its won. 

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Yeah, I do that too - almost exactly as @Jsavfc does.

Though when I get my squad really strong (3 or 4 seasons in), I have two teams, each with a mix of experienced players and youngsters, and just play them in turn regardless of who we're playing (ie instead of having one for important games and a back one). Well maybe I pick the best team for the CL final. 😄

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