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Tactics 3-2-2-3 strikerless (Tested with Norwich in Saviour Cometh)


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This is my first post in a while, I love the idea of a strikerless formation which is defensively incredible and also has maybe a goal in it. I looked back at my previous formation and tweaked it slightly to work better by pushing a cm to am and set him as a trequista as I tried shadow striker but it was not nearly as effective, And also I completely changed the instructions. So as a whole, this tactic is based around results, you would have alot of draws and ALOT of Atletico Madrid type games of 1 goal wins i.e 1-0, 0-0, 2-1.

I decided to load up a Saviour Cometh challenge with Norwich which is predicted relegation and implemented the tactic but 0 tweaks and as you know you cannot make any transfers in that challenge so I used the original Norwich team and as you can see it massively performed well.

I began the season with matches against ARSENAL,  MAN UTD, MAN CITY, CHELSEA and a cup final against LEICESTER!!! the most horrible run of games ever right? Well, not quite I ended up deserving every win I got without being dominated except maybe against Chelsea, although I had 2 clear cut chances which is far better than them playing 8 of their shots from 30 yards out. And then Leicester decided to use an ultra defensive formation in a cup final😂. Which I won on penalties after dominating! (Serves them right). Then I met Liverpool who dominated me so hard but only managed a 2-1 win with me missing a clear cut chance in the 90th minute☹️

Another important thing about this tactic is you should make sure your right winger is left footed and vice versa. Also the trait "TRIES TO BEAT OFFSIDE TRAP" and "CUTS INSIDE" is very vital for your wingers especially the "CUTS INSIDE", my right winger didn't have it and he struggled to perform at all. Fast and Tall defenders are appreciated also. Trequarista should also have good movement

If you are struggling to score or losing at the 60th minute change your width to balanced but leave the mentality at control always.

Put on time waste and change your width to a replica of theirs at the 82nd minute to hold a lead.


Make sure you test and reply with results













Screenshot_20200830-152539_FM20_Mobile (1).jpg




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