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Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 (very offensive, good results) Leicester wins PL


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Hi, first post. Sorry if you don't understand any part of it, english isn't my languaje. Let's begin. 

For a long time I was looking for a tactic that would give me goals and be as effective as possible. This was the closest to it. 



Speaking of tactics, it's a 4-1-2-2-1, on defense I used 2 FB but I also recommend using a WB and a FB, no matter which side they use. In midfield I used two AP, on the right side during the season I played with AP, although I would prefer to have IF on both sides. My forward was Vardy (P), despite missing at least 7 games due to injuries.



I played with my defensive line very advanced, using an offside trap.





At the beginning of the transfer period, I sold a lot (I ended up with + 56M balance) and with that I bought ends and a LB, mainly. Good results with Fischer and Deulofeu, cheap and perform well. To tell the truth, Petkovic was a bit disappointing, I should have stayed with Iheanacho.










These were the results throughout the season. I feel like I could have done better in Carabao Cup and FA. Next season I will try to win some of them haha. I won the Premier League with 2 games left, on the way I got very good victories.





Fischer, Vardy and Maddison were very important this season.


And that's it, end. Like i said, its my first post.

I hope I have helped you, this tactic was very useful to me. If you have any advice or suggestion please comment !! I would also like to know how you do if you decide to try it.

Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷👋🏼


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4 hours ago, Liisandro said:

¿Has probado la misma táctica con otros equipos?

Si, en Francia con Lyon me fue muy bien, en Chelsea también me dio buenos resultados. En una 2da división de Inglaterra me fue más costoso (probé con Nott Forest) pero igualmente con buenos resultados. Saludos 

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Hace 6 horas, Lautaro Bianchi dijo:

Buena táctica hermano, voy a intentarlo con mi Lens save

Dalee después decime cómo te fue, saludos 🤝🤝

Edited by leanlan
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3 hours ago, leanlan said:

Si, en Francia con Lyon me fue muy bien, en Chelsea también me dio buenos resultados. En una 2da división de Inglaterra me fue más costoso (probé con Nott Forest) pero igualmente con buenos resultados. Saludos 

No vi que eras de Argentina, y yo hablando en ingles 😂 Podrías publicar los resultados ?

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20 hours ago, Liisandro said:

No vi que eras de Argentina, y yo hablando en ingles  😂  Podrías publicar los resultados?

Jajajaja puede pasar, esas partidas las perdí, pero más adelante pruebo y les muestro como funciona en diferentes ligas. Saludos 👋🏼👋🏼

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