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Challenges Slim Shady Challenge


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I think each of us had a happy face when, and if, we found a player in the game that had our name, you made a screenshot and showed to your friends.


The challenge is to have a full team that relates to you, each player will share the name (also variations or the name in other languages) with you, for example:

  • George: Gheorghe, Gyorgy, Jorgen, Jordi, Jiri, Jerzy, Gino, Giorgio, Georgian, Gigi, Bjorn, Joji etc.
  • John: Jhonny, Ion, Ionut, Nelu, Jan, Giovanni, Ivan, Nino, Johan etc.
  • Michael: Mike, DeMichelis, Mick, Mitch, Miki, Maicon, Mihail, Mikkel, Mihaita, Mikklesen, Charmichael etc.

Saint Wikipedia will help on this.

Create your club in the lowest league possible in the game and try to reach the top of the footballing world in 10 seasons time.



  1. Load only England
  2. Playing time: 10 seasons
  3. Create your own club and start in Vanarama National League North or South
  4. Poor training facilities and poor youth facilities
  5. 1000 seats stadium
  6. Obscure reputation
  7. On the game sheet you can only have players that share the same name, the chosen name
  8. You can sign other players to sell for profit or to compete in the reserve team



  • 3 points for each league you win
  • 2 points for each promotions without winning the league
  • 1 point if you reach the play-offs but you won't promote
  • 1 point for each Carabo Cup, FA Cup, FA Trophy or Leasing Trophy, European Supercup, Club World Championship or Community Shield you win 
  • 2 points for each European Champions Cup qualification (2nd, 3rd or 4th Premier Division finish)
  • 3 points for each European Champions Cup win
  • 1 point for each Euro Cup (5th or 6th place Premier Division finish) or Euro Cup II qualification (7th place Premier Division finish)
  • 2 points for Euro Cup win
  • 1 point for Euro Cup II win
  • -3 points for each relegation




Make you team and guide it to glory


P.S. Why is called Slim Shady? If you are 25+ years old you know :))




Edited by George Traistă
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