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Help Wait, what?!


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The real game was Chelsea vs Barca, while the scoresheet and line up showed the result of Brazil vs Colombia with the actual european cup game score, anyone know how to fix this?



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This has come up several times before, so I will just copy paste my answer (it's a bid odd it's happening in 2021 for you, I've never seen it that early, but seems to be the same thing):

I've had that at Celtic. Only late in the season and only later on in the save (not sure when it started happening, but it wasn't at the beginning).

Sometimes a completely different team shows up in the post match improvement screen (but your players still seem to get the right amount of improvement). When you go back to matches from the previous week, the players are all wrong - other teams' players scoring for you or sometimes your players but not the right ones, or sometimes no name against the goals (but your players still seem to keep those goals in the history screen).

Sometimes it fixes itself, sometimes it doesn't. But because it it late in the season, you can generally just play on and everything resets in June anyway.

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I’ve noticed that the wrong name thing tends to occur more when I’m either managing an international team as well as club or on seasons where say there’s more fixtures such as CWC years.

Never had the totally different game mix up thing yet but have seen it a few times on the forum. It’s purely a display thing though and doesn’t affect player stats or anything, i.e the original scorers still get credited with their goals etc.


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Thanks for all the replies, guys. Yeah, stats, ratings and goal counts weren't affected, just visual bug. Thankfully it happened at the end of the season and everything resets once the new season started.

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