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Chat FMM Routine?


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I’m fascinated by what your FMM routine looks like? When do you play and why? Do you like to do anything else while you play? Morning or Night? 

FMm has been so great for me during COVID. I’ve become very versed in Bristol City and love playing whenever I can. Generally at night with a cup of tea to chill! 

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I squeeze little bits in during the day - maybe a few games at lunch time or when I'm need a short break from work - but I play mostly at night time. When I'm in the middle of a season and don't need to think too much (especially a few seasons in) I'll play while streaming something (currently an Archer re-watch). Then also a bit of game time before going to sleep. 

Basically whenever I can! I decline to answer the small room question though... 😄

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I play off and on pretty much all day. Play for an hour or two then take a break for an hour or two. Im a new fan of the sport and im trying to learn as much as I can so im always starting new saves to learn about teams and players. I cant remember the last save I played that lasted more than 3 seasons lol. 

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