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Help In game editor ⭐ rating and CA-PA value.


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Can anyone help me understand what is the PA range for a given star rating?

I often look at star rating using in-game editor just to promote the youths. But i have no idea what rating represent what PA range so i mostly release lots of players. I generally tend to release 3½ PA & below rated players and only promote 4 or above rated players.


And also can someone explain why does the in game editor PA rating of players decrease when they play for reserve side. Initially i thought it might be due to constant bad performance or injury but if they consistently personal well and remain injury free their PA never increase.









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It goes up in 20s. So 3.5 star is from 120 to 139. Then 4 star is 140 to 159. Etc.

I haven't heard of the real PA decreasing if you demote a player. It normally stays the same throughout the player's career. The only thing I know that can bring it down is if they have a serious injury and that is really really rare. They do sometimes get increases when a high PA player doesn't come back as a normal regen but has their PA distributed to random young players.

But I don't know everything that can happen so anything is possible I guess!

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