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Chat Which countries are you opening while creating a new career?


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9 minutes ago, Ian said:

To be quite honest mate, it’s starting to look like you just want us to play the game for you.

Sorry mate, but I just started the game. I need little tips.

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3 minutes ago, abdullah33 said:

Sorry mate, but I just started the game. I need little tips.

Yes, it’s fine to ask for help but constantly asking for tactics over and over again as you have done recently, just rubs people up the wrong way. You’ve even been going into people’s careers and begging without even congratulating the user on their achievements.

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3 hours ago, abdullah33 said:

I want to transform a low-budget team into a team that can achieve high productivity at low cost. Which countries I will open will benefit my club.

Te easiest way to have low cost is to load England. And is true of what Ian said, asking for tactics constantly will piss people of.

My tip for you is to learn the hard way, load any country and go the lowest league possible, get a bad team and you will learn by playing, is the best way and ultimately the fun and rewarding way. 

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