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Help Trying to replicate Trapattoni's asymmetrical 4-4-2


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Hello everyone i'm an italian guy new to the Forum. 

First of all i want to say thanks to the community for the amazing content i found. This helped me improve a lot and learn more about the game.🥰

Since i'm a huge fan of the Sweeper role, i've tried to replicate the Trapatoni's asymmetrical 4-4-2 used by Juventus during the '80s

This is my first post here, i hope there are no other post about this tactic (feel free to remove this topic if so).


With all said, i'm trying this tactic with SS Lazio and it's been getting many clean sheets or one goal at least. Of course since i'm testing i can actually see a couple of cons:

 - There's a lack of goal potential

 - The team suffers fast teams like Atalanta, Udinese.

 - Ball possession isn't as much as expected (47-53%)

I'm actually keeping the original players but i'm still trying to figure out which players are more suitable for this kind of tactic. I'm also struggling between BWM and DLP.

This is my setup and my results, do you have any advice to improve this tactic?






That's it, hope you like the idea, please leave me a feedback in the comments,

I'ill will update as soon as it gets better. Thanks for your help ! 😉

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this looks excellent and I'm going to test it out on one of my saves for sure. Very promising stats/results so far

Looking at the set up,  I would try:
1 - switching the passing to mixed, to give you more  chance to exploit the 'overlap'
2 - i think a 'narrow/slow/disciplined' would keep you even more solid defensively, and  boost some possession numbers

How many cards/fouls are you committing? if high, you could try changing the Defence to deep/sit back/cautious

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ok... so was going to edit my original response, but thought it might be better to start a new one with some images etc.

Some minor tweaks to the set up/instructions... as well as flipping the set up becuase of the players at my disposal.

See below for the set up;

So for team set up, mirror to your as my squad was a little different.

Shape, I remember the Trap teams were always very solid defensively, almost like a catenaccio 2.0. - so for this reason i made the team narrow/compact and tight. Zona Mista requires some tactical discipline as the players are responsible for certain areas of the pitch. if the move out of area, another needs to take their place, hence the Disciplined approach. Given it is such a defensive set up, i chose attacking to get the team up the field moving

again, given that its a defensive minded set up, I pushed the team higher, but too high leaked a zillion goals. Balanced it is
I have them sitting back  so that i can take advantage of any counters, and to draw those low block crap teams out of the gates a little. Cautious because when playing closer to our our goal, i didnt want to give up free kicks. Cant play offside trap when sitting deep, and it makes the libero a bit useless. Time wasting i personally despise, so i never use that.

this was a little tougher to get right, but Im happy with it and the results now.
Look for the overlap, because of the winger/wing back. I want them bombing up the flanks and creating 2v1s where possible. this is also why i chose to focus the passing in the centre to keep the wide players free to move up/down. had success with both shoot on sight and work into box, but given my squad, I had lots of players capable of smashing one in from outside the box. Also I wanted to punish mistakes, and not give the opposition time to regroup when we're on a breakaway. This is also why i chose Run with ball I draw a lot of fouls from opposing teams with this set up.

Will post results under this





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As you can see below, the early season took some adjustments as the players  got to grips with the set up. Didnt help that i was tweaking things a bunch.

Had one sticky patch in Sept where we struggled to score but defended well - this was when i was tweaking player roles. Eventually settled on CM in the centre over a BWM or DLP. For a tougher game, i'll drop the CM to a DM

It was in Jan that i settled on the team's attacking instructions. Again, some bedding in, but overall the results are great







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