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Career Woody tries the Liverpool front 3 challenge!


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Hello, I've not done many challenges this year other than the community ones so after a lengthy bit of testing i've decided to have ago at Rob's excellent challenge.

It has been attempted quite abit this one 😂

Anyhoo, as always i delved into the transfer market but i didnt go nuts and just bought in a few players.

My thoughts were that the Liverpool squad is pretty damn good so other than Havertz most of the signings were back ups really.



Obviously Silverware is a must but that wasn't completely a forgone conclusion as we only added the Club World Champ, Super Cup and League to our trophy cabinet.



Other than the Barca game where we were completely out played we should of won more tbh.


The Front 3 and Tactic.

I went with a 2-1-4-2-1 formation. I switched Fabinho from a DM and DLP depending on who i was playing and their formation. Other than that it stayed the same throughout.


The thinking of the widemidfielders was that they pushed the INF infield more during the overlap causing havoc for the opposition fullbacks.

Most of the final 3rd play went through the 3 lads which is obviously what i wanted and it worked rather well.

I played Firmino up top in the Advanced Forward role. He was on penalty duty and he managed to grab 27 goals and 15 assists.



Salah played over on the right side. I also put him of free kick duty. He helped himself to 35 goals and layed on 17 assists.



Sadio Mane played off the left hand side. He helped himself to 36 goals and contrubuted 11 assists.


It seams the INF roles worked really well and in the future i might consider a role change for Firmino.


League Points: 98

Goal Dif: 67

Mane: Goals - 36 + assists - 11 = 47

Salah: Goals - 35 + assists - 17 = 52

Firmino: Goals - 27 + assists - 15 = 42

Total Points: 306       

Not bad for a 1st go i think.

Thanks for reading 😆           

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Nice effort mate, I’m sure with a bit of tweaking and now knowing what you need, you’ll smash the next one if you go for it again, I enjoyed this challenge myself 😁

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23 minutes ago, RichDave32 said:

Nice effort mate, I’m sure with a bit of tweaking and now knowing what you need, you’ll smash the next one if you go for it again, I enjoyed this challenge myself 😁


21 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

A very good shot at this @Woody with some good results along the way, this is becoming as popular as the challenge scoring with no strikers



Thanks guys. Defo going to give it another go at some point. Just glad i got on the board.

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15 minutes ago, Ian said:

Well done Woody.

A very nice looking system that is and certainly very pleasing on the eye.

Cheers mate. I tried asymetrical but couldnt get it to work so i went boring 😂

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