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Tactics Batards Overloaded Bus - tough to beat league winners


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Hello all, I’ve no idea whether anyone else has stumbled on this but I started using a 5-2-2-1 and it’s been amazingly successful. I started using the formation as I found no matter how good a team I was, my defensive cover was pony.

The system is pretty simple and I’ve tested this with Auxerre, Sevilla, Marseille, Roma, Rangers and others. Occasionally I’ve needed to make minor tweaks to the speed of the game or width and position of the defensive line but for the most part this formation has been solid for me; defensively I concede very few. I have also won something with every team I’ve used this with in the first season. Usually the league. My Marseille side was bang average too


The setup, so there are a couple of things to point out, the DLF and IWF will often occupy the same spaces but from crosses this proves to be beneficial to the DLF. If I’m chasing a game late on I’ll push both wide players into high inside forwards but this is a rarity. This formation grants late goals. The wide AP can be a tricky position to fill, even with players who are happy to play there. However with the right player, and it doesn’t even have to be a stonking world beater, they will in tandem with the other AP make the team tick and allow the right fullback to have room to make marauding runs for crosses. The DLF works better than a TM following lots of testing. In fact anything other than a DLF and the midfield often becomes exposed and the forward can become anonymous. To note, Wingbacks leave the team open, fullbacks work great in this system. 

My Marseille team didn’t have any significant investment, plus I sold Thauvin which left my team quite gimped but an amazing performance. I’ve tested this with Bayern and it was a cake walk, as you’d expect.


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