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Aaron Thornton

Career Attempting The Liverpool Front Three Again.

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After posting a middle of pack score of 354 on my first attempt at this, I wanted to give it another go to hopefully improve on my score and also because I really enjoyed it the first time, let's get into it:


Formation and Roles:


Salah and Mane up top as DLF's, a very strong role if you have the players to fit it, Firminio in behind as a Treq, again a very strong role, Firminio's attributes are not stellar but my god he's good, so versatile with positions and roles, a managers dream. This tactic played some beautiful football too, dominating possession most games and playing an extremely quick, short passing style that was very nice to watch on the game engine. 





Brozovic adds more quality to an industrious midfield, Gaya and Hateboer come in as backup to TAA and Robertson as WM's, Ola Aina and Stuart Dallas come in as backup Wide Mids to our backup Wide Mids as I felt going with this tactic would put a lot of strain on the WM roles with them being the only players on our wings, N'Dicka and Vogt are bought to add depth and pace to our CD roles and lastly Ishak Belfodil sures up the depth to our front line. 



Milner was sold at the very end of the season, we got good use out of Mr Versatile, the rest didn't fit the system or in Matip and Lovrens case were too slow, in hindsight I maybe should have kept Shaqiri to play backup to Firminio, but that job was left to Minamino who done well when called upon. 






  • Unbeaten league season, 108 points (32 points ahead of Man City) and scoring 123 goals with a GD of 101
  • Lost 3-2 vs Man City in the Community Shield, wiping out a potential clean sweep on day one for the second time
  • Won 3-0 vs Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup, the game was end to end, but we took our chances when we got them
  • Won 3-1 vs Chelsea in the Champions League, Fat Frank and I don't get along
  • The most frustrating game of the season was Vs Brentford, we hammered their net all game but could only convert one chance and they took the win on penalties in the EFL Cup
  • We won the CWC 3-0 Vs Defensa Y Justica
  • A very one-sided FA Cup Final vs Crystal Palace saw us win it 6-0 while completely shutting down their attack in the process

Final Manager Stats:


A nice win percentage and to get over the 200 goals mark was pleasing for me. 


The Front Three:






Salah: 41 goals, 25 assists= 66

Firminio: 47 goals, 37 assists= 84

Mane: 39 goals, 19 assists= 58

League Points: 108

League GD: 101


Final Score: 417. 


So I did what I set out to do and  improve on my previous score, improving by 63 points, could you add this to the leader board please @Rob and thanks for reading. 


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Well done mate, awesome effort, I found this challenge enjoyable as well, nice to use the three of them, that points total will get you up towards the top 😁

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20 minutes ago, RichDave32 said:

Well done mate, awesome effort, I found this challenge enjoyable as well, nice to use the three of them, that points total will get you up towards the top 😁

Cheers mate, i very rarely have highlights on, but watching the tactic almost tiqui-taca teams to death was great to watch, I'll probably give it one more go between now and FMM 21's release

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1 hour ago, FMFanatic20 said:

What are the instructions? and other aspects of the setup 

Control, Narrow, Fast, Normal. 

High, All over, Commited, Offside trap on. 

Early crosses, Work into box, short, mixed, short. 


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