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Career Glory to MAN UTD


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Hi guys, this was my first save in FMM it was relatively easier but not devoid of fun! I started with the current Man Utd team and knew it needed a serious rebuild! I wanted to clear as much as Dead wood and sign some youngsters..

I was not aiming for the title in my first season but aimed for the other silver ware, I had already sold Juan Mata, Lingard, Jones and etc. The Mata transfer was a serious issue I was having only 4 midfielders and I wanted to play a CDM for defensive purposes and only Pogba was the only player who worked well (Fred wasn't the best at passes in my save). I wanted a CM/CDM I quickly went an bought the best young CDM I knew-- Sandro Tonali I had a plethora of money to spend from the transfers so I had a plan for the right wing (I am sure everyone knows it)-- Jadon Sancho! I was happy and satisfied. I had little doubts on my defence but with a CDM and Harry Maguire and Lindeloff pairing was quite good and Aaron had his eyes on the prize. I also bought Demitri Mitchell for a back up full back. 

The Season !

I had pretty good start with a couple of overwhelming plays (7-1, 5-0), but soon things went southwards as I was knocked out of the FA cup by BIRMINGHAM !?!?! The team was quite good in the Premiere League with Marcus Rashford racking up goals and Sanch and Bruno setting them up. But I was truly scared when Maguire got a 5 month Injury ! I was truly scared to use Tuanzebe but I risked him....He blew up! He scored 6 goals of 7 matches (all from corners) ! He also was quite good in the back and Maguire was quickly dethroned...The most underrated player in my team was Lindeloff with an astonishing defensive performance! He was rock and leader at the back rarely making mistakes. I went on in conquering Manchester in two matches and the Italian in EURO cup was in shambles.

I had a very big problem at my ST  position as Martial was quickly detoriating. He wasn't bad but was not good his counter part Mason Greenwood scoring more goals from the bench! Rashford was keeping my goals up and De Gea was fantastic. I had ended the season with the third position and face PSG in the EURO final I was excited ! We won with a single goal from none other than BRUNO FERNANDES! 

my team was quite good with nearly all my players contributing in goals and kept in pace with other teams! Kane got the Golden boot and Rashford was at the second with 2 goals behind...

I will upload The next season soon so Byee


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