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On 13/11/2020 at 18:13, broodje kip said:

I’ve used JJ Macias in FMM20 he’s a real great talent! Also seen some clips of his performance I really hope he’ll go to Europe soon

He is an absolute beast in game, and he was playing amazingly for Leon 1 year ago. However, after coming back to Chivas he hasn't been the same. It might be a good challenge to revitalize his stricking talent. 

On 14/11/2020 at 02:11, RichD said:

Good information there mate, be nice to how many players from Mexico become peoples go to buys. Looking forward to seeing some of these teams and players.

I will make a list of 11 youth players to look after. 

On 14/11/2020 at 05:20, George Traistă said:

I would like to make a Goal-a-mile in Mexico but with 2700 miles from west to east (direct road, without derouting from club to club) I would need @Mr Tree or @Ashez to bend the rules a bit as I will need maybe an average of 100 goals/season, a feat that only a excellent duo can produce, helped by other excellent players. 

And switching clubs from time to time means you won't get or have the best players always... 

Problem with Mexico is that we don't have that many teams outside of the main city. So maybe you could go from Tijuana (Xolos the Tijuana) all the way to Cancun (Cancun FC), which would see you travel from the north to the south and from west to east. Howver, due to the centralization of our teams, most cities are very far from eachother so you'd have to get a lot of goals in orther to move. 

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40 minutes ago, S4NCH0 said:

Poblem with Mexico is that we don't have that many teams outside of the main city. So maybe you could go from Tijuana (Xolos the Tijuana) all the way to Cancun (Cancun FC), which would see you travel from the north to the south and from west to east. Howver, due to the centralization of our teams, most cities are very far from eachother so you'd have to get a lot of goals in orther to move. 

That’s the plan, from Cancun to Tijuana. I would start from Cancun as is a lower league team that can be long gone from the game when I must arrive there. 

But this will have to wait as I have two other careers planned before this, so maybe in January or February it will come its turn. 

Edited by George Traistă

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Great posts @S4NCH0, really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to the list of 11 Mexican youth players to look after in FMM21.

In FMM19 I used a lot Orbelin Pineda, he was an absolute beast and a cheap AP for the underdog teams. 

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Youngsters To Look Out For

I wanted to write a Starting XI of young mexican bargains, however, I'm not sure how much depth will there be in the database. So, I decided to post a bargain XI after the game is released. Therefore, I present here an XI of mexican youngsters playing in Mexico, who will surely be in the game but will also surely be very expensive or their price will be considerable since they have a lot of experience. 


Goalkeeper: Sebastian Jurado


Age: 23 

Team: Cruz Azul

Superb, young keeper with some of the best reflexes I have ever seen. Mexico is known for their good keepers, and Jurado is among them. His height, agility and maturity make him a must have in between the sticks and a leader on the field. He is the substitute of Jesus Corona, one of the best keepers in mexican recent history; he is goalkeeper-coached by Conejo Perez, another of the big names in mexican keeper history, and his manager is Dante Siboldi, yet another historical goalkeeper; so it is undeniable that he is being nurtured by the best. 


Right Fullback: Alan Mozo


Age: 23 

Team: Pumas

Maybe my favorite player in Mexico at the moment, or at least my favorite mexican player today. He is a very determined, fighting and agile wingback. His strength, pace and dribbling allow him to bring a lot to the attack of the team he plays for, while his determination and aggression make him a strong defender and very hard to come through. Many rumors have positioned him in Europe or at least in bigger team that Pumas, so hurry up before his price skyrockets.


Right Centerback: Cesar Montes


Age: 23 

Team: Monterrey

A huge player (1.95m) for mexican standards, with a lot of strength and a lot of maturity. He has slowly taken over the Monterrey defense and is tipped to become the main centerback of the national team anytime soon. He is very talented both with the ball on his feet and while chasing it. However, being in the team he is, he will be definitely be very expensive. In this summer he was linked with a move to Porto, Valencia, Wolves and even Barcelona.


Left Centerback: Johan Vasquez


Age: 22

Team: Pumas

Another player I really enjoy watching play, Vasquez is considered by many the biggest defensive young talent at the time in Mexico. He was let go for almost no money by Monterrey and Pumas were very intelligent to get hold of him. Now, he is being sought after european clubs and the richest teams in Mexico. Like Mozo above, he is up for grabbing for a cheap before bigger fishes get hold of him. 

Left Fullback: Cristian Calderón


Age: 22

Team: Chivas

Likewise Mozo, Calderón is a very determined, industrious fullback who can bring a lot for a team in the Attacking and Deffending areas. He was recently bought by Chivas from Necaxa where he was one of the best fullback on the league. This move to Chivas was very criticized because Calderón was formerly an Atlas player. Getting that aside, Calderón will not be very cheap at the start of the game and his price will surely go up as seasons go by. 


Defending Midfielder: Jonathan Gonzalez


Age: 21

Team: Monterrey

Gonzalez is one of the most important prospects in mexican football, but unfortunately he plays for Monterrey a team not used to giving youngsters a chance. He was approached by Celta de Vigo but Monterrey, as they usually do, asked for a lot of money and blocked de transfer. He has an amazing talent on the ball, with an amazing ability with passes and dribbling, but is also amazing when it comes to breaking down attacks and cutting down on passing lanes. Let's hope he can leave Monterrey as soon as possible so that he can fulfill his potential. 


Attacking Midfielder: Marcel Ruiz


Age: 20

Team: Tijuana

This young player has been amazing the first division for what feels ages after debuting at the age of 17 for Queretaro. His start at Queretaro was very good but the players surrounding him weren't up to his level so he decided to move to Tijuana, a better club in which he has been granted a lot of playing time, better facilities and is surrounded by better players. He will still be a relatively cheap buy but hurry up before bigger teams get a hold of him. 


Left Wing: Jairo Torres


Age: 20

Team: Atlas

One of the most undervalued players in Mexico at the moment because he plays for Atlas which is regarded as a historic, yet small team. He has also been around for many years and has delivered a lot of amazing performances for club and country. He is fast, agile and amazing with crosses. He should be the cheapest on this list and be up for take. 


Right Wing: Sebastián Cordova


Age: 23

Team: America

Yet another amazing talent that comes out of America after the likes of Raul Jimenez, Diego Lainez and Edson Alvarez. He is very talented with the ball on his feet, being able to put the ball where he puts the eye. He can shoot, pass and dribble and all with an amazing tranquility. He can also play as a center midfielder and a striker. He should be on the verge of an european move. 


Striker: Jose Juan Macias


Age: 21

Team: Guadalajara

The most well known mexican talent at the time. He is an amazing target man with a great talent off the ball, great positioning, heading and shoorting. He has already been linked with the likes of Valencia, Real Sociedad, Betis and Olympique Lyon, and he should be close to moving for a huge fee. He had a pair of amazing seasons playing on loan for Leon but hasn't been on the same level since his return to Guadalajara, so, can you bring back the spark of his career? 


Striker: Cesar Huerta


Age: 19

Team: Mazatlan (On loan from Guadalajara)

Following the success story of Macias with his loan to Leon, Guadalajara decided to repeat it with another of their young strikers: Cesar Huerta. Since he was loaned to Mazatlan, he has been amazing and Guadalajara are already thinking on ending the loan to boost their attack. If Guadalajara manage to bring him back before the sale of Macías, the duo could be one of the best in the country with Macías being a strong Target Man and Huerta being a faster, more supportive stricker like an Advanced Forward. 



Some players that didn't make to the starting XI but maybe should've


Carlos Acevedo (Santos)

Jorge Lima (Juarez)

Luis Malagon (Necaxa) 


Alejandro Mayorga (Pumas)

Vladimir Loroña (Tijuana)

Kevin Alvarez (Pachuca)

Ismael Govea (Santos)


Fernando Beltrán (Chivas)

Erik Lira (Pumas)

Erik Sanchez (Pachuca) 

Carlos Rodriguez (Monterrey) 

Luis Romo (Cruz Azul) 

Roberto Alvarado (Cruz Azul) 

Jesus Angulo (Guadalajara)


Santiago Gimenez (Cruz Azul)

Alexis Vega (Guadalajara)

Emanuel Montejano (Pumas) 

Eduardo Aguirre (Santos)


Thanks for reading! I'll try to get the list of challenges uo tonight in Mexico Time so probably the game will already be out. Eitherway, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy

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