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Career The Managers 1000 Goal Challenge - A Liverpool attempt


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So I was playing around with a new tactic of mine and the results were so good that I thought - by the middle of season 2 - I would try and achieve this amazing challenge.

Here is results after the end of season 2. Things are going great and I hope it will continue this way.

Nota bene : excuse me for the french in the screens...😎






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Season 3

After a few realtionships humps and bumps, the team and Robertson had to part ways prematurely. So here Angelino comes ! Followed by Bernardo Silva and De Jong to fire up the middlefield. Had to let go of Oxlade too.. a nice guy but simply not that usefull.


This season starts real good as the whole team knows now perfectly how it rolls. A lot more goals in, a few more conceded too. We reached the 4 GpG target in october with a crazy C1 game against Inter. Unfortunately we also reached 1 conceded per game..




In december we won maybe our best game of the season. Brutal.



In the end another season winning everything. A tad less goals scored in PL..


.. but players has been slamming it. (1. PL scorers ladder - 2. Same for assists)



So how far are we chasing that 1k ?



831/1000, we should be good by next spring 👌

4.07 GpG is trully crazy. I hope we can go even further than that. We’ll see !


Regarding my tactic, I think I will disclose it after I’d have finished the challenge ✌️ 


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Season 4

With the arrival of Bernardo Silva last year, Keita lost massive playtime and it was best that he left for both of us. Kuddos to him nonetheless, he was a precious fellow for the team. Reine-Adelaide will replace him and has the quality of being a lot more versatile, which is nice for our playing way. Mbappe is joining us ! Immobile is aging and we’ll try this final part of the challenge all in. 


The season starts amazing and goals are pouring all over.


A long winter break which sees germany winning the world cup...


... and back at it. Getting so close.


Can we do it in this last game against City ?


Yes we can 😎😎😗🥳🥳



This was a crazy ride. The tactic is coming up.








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