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Career Raven9 tries the De Bruyne Challenge


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Hi all

After completing the Late Bloomer Challenge with Papu Gomez, I decided to try my formation with another great attacking midfielder - Kevin De Bruyne. 


Didn’t do alot of transfers, as I was pretty satisfied with my team. Needed To upgrade a couple of things tough. 
First of all I needed some strikers with good arial attributes to score from those near post corners from KdB. I chose Lukaku and Cavani. 
Otherwise I needed some pace at the back (Upamecano and Onguene) and an extra midfielder (Brozovic). 




I managed to win it all. That was not part of the plan however. As only league goals and assists counted for KdB, I played two different teams. First team in Premier League and second team otherwise. “Unfortunatly” my reserves did really well, which made the league games quite compact at the end, and I had to sub KdB off in a few games. 
Won the league with 100 point, scoring 133 goals in the process. Liverpool was quite a rival, but lost some momentum at the end. 



De Bruyne

Managed to avoid injuries to KdB (Pep must be jealous), and he played in all league games. This resulted in 40 goals, and 30 assists, which I am pretty happy with. Lukaku and Aguero also did well scoring 63 goals across all competitions.




So KdB ended up scoring 40 league goals and making 30 league assists, which makes it 70 points in total.

All in all a fun challenge. As a United fan, one season with City is enough...

Thanks for reading


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On 04/11/2020 at 12:08, Rob said:

Well done.

Thanks. Half way through the season he had just over 2 points per game on average. A “bad” run in January and February made him drop to 70 points in total. Can’t complain though. 

On 04/11/2020 at 13:19, RichD said:

Brilliant going mate, he smashed that, impressive!

 Thanks mate

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