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Challenges X-Mas 2020 Challenge, Help Santa Klauss & Rudolph

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Hello everyone,

1. I know there is a challenge about Christmas by @FuddledFox but I wanted to give it a different vibe.

2. Christmas is over one and half months from now and I wanted to give a fun farewell to the game because in December I'm sure I won't open FMM20, FMM21 is already on the go!


So, the challenge is simple and straight forward, you load Germany and get in charge of St.Pauli because... the name is somehow related to Jesus and is just a middle ground between big league and down right lower league. And you will play just half of season, until 21st of December 2019, then Santa Klauss must go to prepare the presents for the kids.

Then you need to sign Santa Klauss and his beloved reindeer Rudolph.



Santa aka the legend Roque Santa Cruz that is and killer grandpa at 37, don't worry he is still a killer.



Klauss who will team up with Santa to form a friendly South American duo.



And also get some assistance from Rudolph, at 33 years of age is still a young reindeer, very helpful!



Your final score will be the sum of:

  • Santa goals from all official competitions;
  • Klauss goals from all official competitions;
  • Rudolph assists from all official competitions;
  • League goal difference;
  • League points


General rules:

  • No unlockables;
  • Own formations;
  • Any badge and reputation;
  • You can load any other leagues to get other players,
  • Any other transfers are allowed;
  • Don’t be a cheat, it's a festive challenge for X-mas sake!


And remember, have fun and be a good boy/girl, Santa will give you presents! 


Edited by George Traistă
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