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Career Re-Attempting the KDB challenge

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The challenge link is in the Spoiler. 

This was the first challenge I ever attempted and it showed, scoring just 41, however many months later I like to think I've honed my skills and learnt so much from Vibes masterminds, so without further ado, here's my 2nd attempt:







My plan with this season was to have two teams (A and B) then a few players who could fill in to either team in case of injuries etc. Team A would play all the league games and Team B would play all the cup games. Milan Skriniar would slot right in alongside Laporte in Team A. Lautaro Martinez would play up front with Aguero. Brozovic is the last signing that would play in the main team, all our other signings would feature in the cups or replace injuries. The players leaving didn't fit the system or were not good enough to warrant keeping. I didn't even notice at the time, but Galastaray seems to be a City rejects camp, signing 7 players from us in one season 





  • Unbeaten league campaign with a 101 GD
  • Lost 4-2 vs Liverpool in the Community Shield
  • Lost 4-3 on aggregate vs Barca in the CL (Forgot to screenshot) 
  • Won the FA Cup 3-2 vs Arsenal, a great comeback from 2-0 down
  • Lost vs Everton in the Carabao Cup Semis, on penalties

Just two trophies, (the League and FA Cup) but we aren't here for the trophies, though more would've been nice. 


Team A: (League) 


Team B: (Cups) 





This is KDB at the end of the season, I had him on Low training intensity all year to avoid injures and it worked a treat as he didn't pick up a single knock which is almost unheard of with KDB as he has been very injury prone on a lot of saves this year. 



The low training demands on him, allowed him to play all 38 league games, scoring 37 and assisting 37, giving us a score of 74 points. KDB topped the PL Goals, Assists and Av R charts. 




Very pleased to improve my original score from 41 to 74 and once again KDB was a joy to manage, so good in the game. @Rob could you update my score please and thanks for reading. 






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Outstanding effort mate, huge score! It’s what I do in these short challenges is stick them on light, works mostly. You defo got the best of him this time round, only 1 off joint top!

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6 minutes ago, RichD said:

Outstanding effort mate, huge score! It’s what I do in these short challenges is stick them on light, works mostly. You defo got the best of him this time round, only 1 off joint top!

Cheers man, I know, 1 point! but im glad to be up there with Vibe royalty 

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Great effort! You're right up there on the leaderboard! That's some season. 

I'm doing this one too at the moment - finished one attempt (not so great) and just started another (looking promising). I'd be super happy to get anywhere near your score.

Good point about the low intensity training. I've been doing this too recently for the Liverpool Front Three one and this one. They don't need to improve much, so better to look after them - not only less injuries, but also get them ready for the next game.

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