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Career Career Season 1 recap: Sunderland


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Career year:1

Team: Sunderland

Finish: 2nd in Skybet League 1, EFL Trophy Win

New signings:A lot

Exits: A lot

Best Player: Osayamen Osawe

Best Young player: Rober

So I've started my career with the downtrodden Sunderland. I pretty much sold most of the team with the exception of Will Griggs, Max Power, and a few others. I made out really well with these free transfers.Screenshot_20201109-161020.thumb.png.ed20505334a39693ecbb88534373093e.png

In fact 6 of these players ended up in my Starting XI.Screenshot_20201109-162359.thumb.png.37a26c3fb4d71c2e39938724e7511932.png

I played depending on the competition either a high possession 4-2-3-1 or a counter attacking version against better sides.Screenshot_20201109-162359.thumb.png.37a26c3fb4d71c2e39938724e7511932.png

My top Scorer was Will Griggs with 21 goals in 42 appearances.Screenshot_20201109-160357.thumb.png.1275deddf3478a3565e4d5ca13b722b1.png My top creator was Bicho the free signing with 10 assists.Screenshot_20201109-160413.thumb.png.e27805daea9dfec945300c03be14082a.png

Personally having watched every game my Player of the Year  was Osayamen Osawe. I signed him for 575k. He had 18 goals and 8 assists in 38 appearances. However, many of his goals came in crucial moments often scoring late to win a game. Screenshot_20201109-160850.thumb.png.14485934a1e071d873bfa6d152dc1d34.png

Now as results go I finished second in the league earning automatic promotion to the championship.Screenshot_20201109-161817.thumb.png.684f49c2b59df959d55de2a38beb0c73.png

I also defeated Portsmouth to win the EFL Trophy.Screenshot_20201109-154407.thumb.png.76818638d71561491e95f604218880fc.png

For season 2 I m hoping to improve the club financially and improve in these positions: BWM, CD, GK.

Player to watch:


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1 minute ago, Aaron Thornton said:

Great to see Osawe getting some love, I used him for the English Killer: Olympiakos challenge and he tore it up in Greece for me

It's that 17 pace. And he's always so cheap to buy.

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Yeah I love Osawe myself, he’s been great for a good couple of additions now, great first season mate, even if it is with the enemy 👊🏻🤣

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