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Career Rich goes for De Bruyne again (Attempt 2 and 3)


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Ohhh Kevin De Bryune 


Not actually going for De Bruyne again , I could never hurt that man, I’m just hoping to have a relationship like he has with his mentor Sir Steve Bruce.  I am asking for a lot off him this season, he better not leave me down! I have tried this before and was quite happy with how it went, but I’ve decided to create a new tactic with the emphasis on the number ten and use him as a T(I am not attempting to spell it)



So what I did to create this was actually use my Celtic game to test and come up with a way the play would go through the number 10 as much as possible, this is based on going through the centre of the pitch as you can see. I’ll stick with this throughout the season. I am going to attempt this a couple of times, as I got a couple of weeks before the new game and I like these kind of challenges

I hopefully should complete this one in the next day, it’s enjoyable so far that’s all I’ll say 😉

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3 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Weird looking formation? I like it

Very different isn’t it, things changed a little bit over the season, but for the better, seemed to click massively towards end of the season.

3 hours ago, Rob said:

Good luck! 

Thank you Robert! 

2 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good luck 🙂

Cheers mate 😁

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Attempt 2

Hello and welcome, well I smashed through this season today but I have to say this is the most I’ve enjoyed a season in a while, the football that was played was fantastic, I changed a little amount with the tactic, but once I made one certain change, everything seemed to click, so I will be doing this again.




So what a great transfer window, massively happy with who I brought in and I don’t think id do it much different to be honest, even Chris Wood was a beast for me, Lukaku is a beast as well, love him on the game. 



So a great season, plenty of goals scored but not many conceded, towards the start things were not going so well, there were games that we didn’t create enough, but once I figured that out, there was no stopping us, I’m excited by this, totally different way of playing for me as I always use wingers usually. But all this positivity, did it work for my Kevin?

Manager Profile



Kevin De Bruyne

The Hat-trick’s:



 The Performance:


Squad Stats:


Kevin De Bruyne - Played 38 Scored 42 Assists 22 Total - 64

So a decent go at the challenge, I kept him light training all season which seemed to help him recover for games. Like I said there was a tweak around half way through and things did improve from there, so will attempt again using the new way. One thing that disappointed me was how many assists he got as he was on free kicks, corners, we had big strong players, but only the 22 league assists, he did get 3 in the champions league final mind.

Thank you for reading, I will be back for the 3rd attempt in the coming days 😁

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Nice score - look forward to take 3! 😄

And yeah Lukaku is fantastic. Pretty sure I'm signing him again next time I try this as he did so well for me last time.

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16 hours ago, broodje kip said:

That’s a nice score

Thanks mate, just finished my 3rd attempt 😎

16 hours ago, Rob said:

Excellent attempt. I’ll add it to the board.

You’ll be adding again now mate, cheers🤣

8 hours ago, Scratch said:

Nice score - look forward to take 3! 😄

And yeah Lukaku is fantastic. Pretty sure I'm signing him again next time I try this as he did so well for me last time.

Yeah Lukaku was signed again, with different strikers this time, I think I had cracked a way of playing as so many shots went to De Bruyne, I’ve just finished the 3rd attempt now, we’ll see how I did 😁

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Kevin De Bruyne’s 3rd attempt 

So welcome back again, love these kind of challenges where it’s just one season, I get very addicted very quick with FMM, so I tend to start something and then get a season done in a few hours 🤣




Hands down the best squad I’ve built on this years version in the first season, we had so much depth, two great players in each position, which made for a very exciting and good season.


Well I don’t actually want to reveal too much, it’s not much different from the first tactic I posted for the second attempt, but with me doing so many challenges and enjoying them, I think this one will be my go too, was so good to watch and played so well.



As you can see we dominated the league in great fashion, our second team lost a couple of games, that was down to me keeping Mahrez and using him in De Bruyne’s position, he just didn’t take enough chances so I moved Pjanic there in November time and it seemed to work as the seconds were brilliant in the champions league. 

Manager Profile



So a good goals per game return and an improvement on last effort. Lots of money spent, which I’m not going to lie was very enjoyable getting very good players in 😁

Kevin De Bruyne


Squad Stats



So what a season from De Bruyne, it was a very enjoyable season and for anyone not done this challenge I would highly recommend it as it’s very easy one to get on with and so much fun. One tip I would give out is that put your player on a light training schedule as it gives him time to recover between games and he’s not going to improve much now.

I have to say Kevin and Auba especially linked up so well, felt like every goal scored by Auba was assisted by Kevin, was so fun to watch with this tactic and there’s no better feeling I don’t think than making a new tactic click.

So we end with 

Played 38 Scored 49 and Assisted 36

Grand Total - 85

That’s me done for this challenge this year, great challenge @Rob, would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick enjoyable season.




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53 minutes ago, Rob said:

Well that’s the bar well and truly raised. Well done. 

Thanks Rob, it’s a great challenge, very enjoyable!

27 minutes ago, Scratch said:

Oh wow, you really cracked it, great job. Massive season mate!

Yeah ive had some success with tactics this year but never with a no10 in there so this one felt so good, testing it with Cardiff now in championship and it’s doing just as well.

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6 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great attempts 😉

Thank you mate 😉


6 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Nice attempt 

Thank you Mr Kip.

1 hour ago, Aaron Thornton said:

😍😍 85! Great score mate, that won't be beaten for sure. 

Cheers mate, don’t ever remember having a player have over a 9 rating throughout a season, but what a joy it was to manage him!

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