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Career Peanut N&M's (Neymar and Mbappe Challenge)


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^Can you tell I struggle for original names?!



Neymar and Mbappe, what do we know? Well they're both top drawer players, the former has to be the most frustrating player on the pitch today, so much quality and yet his antics on and off the field make him very difficult to like, the latter is well the complete opposite, he possesses a real likable personality as well as being a quality player. 


The Tactic:







  • We won Ligue 1, 104 pts and 101 GD
  • We won the TdC, 2-0 v Rennes
  • We done a PSG and bottled it in Europe, losing 3-2 v Barca after leading 2-1
  • We won the CdF, 2-1 v Lyon
  • We won the CdlL, 3-0 v St Etienne


Notable matches:



8-0, 9-0 and 10-0 wins this year, N&M scoring a combined 10 goals across our 3 biggest wins. 








The original PSG squad was ripped up as it is just not that good. 


Peanut N&M's performance:

^(so good, I used it twice) 






Neymar: 25 goals and 24 assists in 43 games= 49.

Mbappe: 41 goals and 11 assists in 48 games= 52. 

Decent total from the two but the Trequartista (Bruno Fernandes, mainly) took so many goals away from the main two that I found myself getting so frustrated at scoring goals😂 (what these challenges do to a person?!) 


League Points: 104

League GD: 101

Neymar: 49

Mbappe: 52



Final total: 306.


Thanks for reading. Could you add this to the leaderboard please @Rob


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You’re not the only one who struggles for the titles 🤣

Nice season mate, the team did really well and the boys did well for you. The Trequartista really does take up a lot of goals, luckily in mine they also assisted a lot! 

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Great stuff mate, love the title, good attempt too. Just need to tweak the AM role a little or find a player that assists more thans shoots (easy to say, harder to do!).

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