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Challenges The Goaltopia Challenge


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The Goaltopia Challenge


The Double Trouble (2 strikers scoring 1200 goals combined) and the Triple Threat (3 strikers scoring 1500 goals combined) have been the staple goal scoring challenges on Vibe for a few years now and for very good reason as they are excellent challenges. They along with the 1000 goal challenge make up the prestigious Triple Crown of challenges and hopefully that will remain the case for years to come.

That said the DT and TT are some what restrictive as they state that you must play your goal scorers in the striker strata of the pitch and you can only have the two or three depending on which challenge it is in that strata. This does lead to a lack of creativity as does the target of goals you have to reach which can lead to a whole host of attempts played with the same few wonderkids. 

This is why I have created this challenge to hopefully lead to some other creative ways of smashing in loads of goals with a group of players.

The Challenge 


There isn’t a lot of rules to this challenge as I don’t want it to be too restrictive but obviously there has to be some to keep it fair and stop any piss take attempts.

  • The aim is simple, you must score as many goals as possible with your chosen number of players.
  • There is three leaderboards for this challenge based on the number of goal scorers you use. You can only be eligible for one of these leaderboards in a single attempt of the challenge so you can’t use three players and then submit two for the 2 player leaderboard and then all three for the 3 player leaderboard. You can attempt other Vibe challenges at the same time though so any 1kc completed would count.
  • Your goal scorers may play in any position on the pitch you wish so if you think you can get goals with a GK then you can use him as part of the attempt.
  • Although there is no goal targets for this challenge all your chosen players must score 100 or more goals as part of the attempt for it to be valid.
  • Your goal scorers can be bought or already at the club but they must all join at the same time. Only goals scored when they are all at the club together and under your own management count towards the challenge.
  • When the first of your group of players retires that is challenge over you cannot add more goals to the total with those left playing.
  • ITN goals do not count.
  • Own tactics.
  • No edited DB’s, no IGE, no unlockables unless earn’t in the save (coaching badge and rep is ok), no reloading or cheating in any way.
The Spirit of the Challenge 


The idea of this challenge is to keep it as open as possible so that you can all be creative with your club and player choices. That is why there is no target number of goals because it can lead to safe choices of players and clubs. It is just as much of an achievement to score 800 goals between some terrible players that we have never seen used on Vibe before than it is to score 2000 goals using the best wonderkids in this years game. The addition of saying all players must score at least 100 goals is to simply make sure that people don’t play a couple of players who score loads and loads of goals and then just add in some other player who only scored a few just to boost the score.

In the spirit of the challenge as well I would suggest that if you are planning on using two or three strikers that you don’t use this challenge as just another leaderboard to go onto and submit a score from a DT or TT attempt onto the two or three player leaderboards. Of course you could submit the DT score to that leaderboard for example and then a three or four player score for this challenge from the same career as well but I won’t accept a DT score onto the two player leaderboard.

The idea of this challenge is to be as creative as possible and to find other positions on the pitch to get goals from hopefully leading to some fun tactics. You could use two young strikers for example but perhaps it is more rewarding to use two older strikers and see what they can do even if it’s less goals than would complete a DT or even use no strikers at all.



Two Player Leaderboard


Three Player Leaderboard

  • @Rob - Barcelona - Pedri, Fati and Troy Parrot - 1382 goals
  • @Kun Aguero  - Beijing - Tao Qianglong, Luqman Hakim and Mohanad Ali - 805 goals
  • @Ross Bowater - Guangzhou - Vincent Janssen, Joelinton, Nick Powell - 688 goals

Four Player Leaderboard


Have fun and good luck.

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