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iScout Player Recommendations - Lower League Gems


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This thread is intended as a place you can recommend players you have bought for clubs below the top flight in there nation or in smaller leagues in the game e.g. Ireland, Wales, Australia etc and show how well they developed and performed for you. It is also a place where you can find recommendations for players you might not yet have used or even heard of before.

In order to make this thread as useful as possible please follow these guidelines when you post.

  • You must have signed this player whilst you were in the lower leagues although if he still performed well in the top flight you can still recommend him here.
  • Please post a screenshot of his attributes.
  • Please provide some information such as what club you bought him for and what he and you have achieved together. You don’t need to do a long write up and screenshots on there own is ok.
  • Please don’t post about a player you have edited the attributes, potential ability or current ability or because clearly he won’t perform as well for other people.
  • No regens.
  • Please keep posts to either recommendations or asking questions about a player so that other people don’t have to wade through lots of “banter” to find recommendations.

You can find the other Player Recommendations Threads here.


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Picked up several decent players on free transfers who have been performing well in Vanarama South for me with Oxford City. Temp and Kalala are the standout signings











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Sunderland's Arbenit Xhemajli centre back, beast of a player.

This is him in his second season with me in my Sunderland save.



Edited by Kaiz
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Still in first season. Chose to do a career with Burton as they have state of the art training facilities. These players I bought for relatively small fees have been insanely good in League one and I would expect to be able to carry on all the way up into the premier league. Along side a few cheap/free signings I have managed to easily win League one.

Screenshot_20201222-150221_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201222-150208_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201222-150159_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201222-150138_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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Hello everyone, this is my first post so i wish im helpful🙂

You'll maybe have problem with work permit for Thomas Amang 







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If you just need targetman.

Lack of freekick and  penalty but resilient one.

Im loaning at witham s1 and carlislie on s2.

I dont even use him In my team, he cant developed with poor facilities.







Edited by Pharel
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13 hours ago, fotakis276718 said:

I know it's 3rd tier but this guy is one of the biggest bargains in the game..and i have a bad team..Screenshot_2021-02-03-00-52-58-187_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.3cf3aeeb523a870a91608a319c7427c5.jpg

It is, I did play him once and he scored a lot from corners

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39 minutes ago, George Traistă said:

It is, I did play him once and he scored a lot from corners

For me scores and from free kick and in open play..he is very cheap and in good age..

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how are people coping with the work permits in lower leagues? how many do you have to get approved in a save in order to unlock the abolish work permits feature?

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15 hours ago, Rhys Rockley said:

how are people coping with the work permits in lower leagues? how many do you have to get approved in a save in order to unlock the abolish work permits feature?


1 hour ago, Pharel said:

Need around 3/4 seasons for me to get rid the permit.

Annoying as f.

Little trick I learned is start a save at a big club like Man City make sure to load USA/Argentina etc so get a good number of Non EU players that have lots of international caps in free agents . Once start save just start selling off Man City players to make room and go to player search then sort the free agents by international caps just keep signing away think after around 20 you get to unlock the work permit . Then go start a real save with work permit option . Best countries search for USA, Mexico , Jamaica. Canada, Argentina , Brazil and other Caribbean countries bit frustrating as many had EU country as second nationality especially French, Spanish, Portuguese so they don’t count. 
should take about only 5 minutes 

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