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Mr Tree

Career "Goal a Mile" challenge - S21, Northampton, EFL Championship

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Cheers Sandwich @broodje kip- struggled to find many i liked, so the squad is just STACKED with loanees now, starting 7-8 regularly...

This was bittersweet, ofc:


ESPECIALLY cos it was a top-of-the-table clash, the Superbees' first defeat of the season, and more than doubled the number of goals they'd conceded in their previous nine games :D


Rick on 13 so far, taking us past 60 goal-miles... probably have to play this season out, with Rick looking so good and the team doing well... Not promising I'll take the Cobblers to the prem, but i still haven't had a season there yet so........

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It's working out nicely though, @broodje kip - at the halfway stage...


Beautiful 😍

And here's how Big Rick looks:


I'm not risking a new contract discussion until he brings it up - worried he'll want a lot of ££££

And he has 28 goals in 25 games so far this season, putting us on 76 miles overall - i was worried cos he had a bit of a funk in Sept/Oct, but we're flying now:




Thanks for reading!

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On the verge of promotion now, and Rick's had a great season. Individual honours for December:


Smashing a Championship side in the FA Cup:


Before losing very unluckily to an EPL team in the 5th Round:


Meanwhile, example number 7 or 8 now of me slaughtering the Reserves sides in the PJT:


Looks like Rick's 16yo brother or cousin plays for Chelsea :D

We are 15pts clear of 3rd with 9 games to go, so it's looking good. But we're only 2nd because we can't get past this gorgeous beast:


End of season update to come later today, i guess! 

Edited by Mr Tree

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Thank you, Lord Sandwich @broodje kip!

Sadly the end of the season was a bit anti-climactic, as this happened with 3 or 4 games to go:


(yeah i casually crushed the 3rd-placed team anyway)

Out for a month so that was his season over :(

We claimed glory in the greatest league campaign ever seen, outlasting the best team in the world to take top spot:


I've just gone through and checked, cos there was a period where we both seemed to win all the time. Well, after i smashed them on October 1st to end their 9-game unbeaten start, they reeled off a further 20 unbeaten games (16 wins!), before finally tripping up again. And then they promptly beat me and won 4 of their next five, going 21-5-1 between Oct 8th and Feb 29th (to add to their 7-2-1 start!). So they were 28-7-2 after 37 games, before limping home with a 4-3-2 finish. What a team. 

But the Cobblers were better - after i lost to the bees in January, we went unbeaten the rest of the way, 16 games, 14 wins. And before the bees match I'd been unbeaten in 9, winning 8 of them, meaning i finished 22-3-1 from my last 26 games. Tasty :)

Ricky's late injury meant he couldn't break 50:


And yeah his strike partner did pretty well. Rick led the league in assists. You can see a bit of my reliance on loans there... my two starting CB's were loans too...

We added the Pizza Plate too, of course - played a few reserves as my lads were knackered from securing promotion a few days earlier, maybe a bit too much partying :)


We took home some prizes at the League One Awards Gala:




I'll update my summary sometime soon but for now, Rick is on 96 overall, nearly half the required remaining distance. I'm hoping he'll enjoy the Championship too and we can try to go straight through, then see how he gets on in the Prem...

Otherwise, a quick look at the profile two-thirds of the way through the career:


I love the Continental rep, lol... "Ah zis Monsieur Tree, ave you seen vot he is doing wiz ze Norzampton Town at ze zird level? C'est magnifique!"

Thanks for reading! 

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Slow couple of days here, sorry... Difficult to get the right players in, but we're 6th after 10 games and the squad seems in pretty good shape...

Rick struggled with the step up, although he still played well enough to get some recognition:


My loanee winger from Barcelona with top spot. Barcelona S.C., that is...

Ricky hasn't been finishing well though, including a couple of missed penalties :(

Of course this year sees a few reunions, with Bradford and newly-relegated Stoke joining me in the Championship. My first such encounter was Stoke at home, with Hepworth missing out injured (no doubt a broken heart) :


Good to see Ricky bag a brace. Newman is a loan winger from established SPL powerhouse East Fife, but he can't stay bloody fit :(

And finally...


"Ah... mio bueno massivo complimento linkare trainer espana... ¡tengo mucho espanola, i mucho bueno opportunidad!... ale con Northampton es importante, so i no go nowhere. ¿Comprende?"

Edited by Mr Tree

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Cheers @geordiekrispy! Plan A is that the goal that gets us to Plymouth will be the winner in the Champions League Final... But it might not work out that way...

We beat these fools:


But got kicked in the goolies by my old buddies:


(don't know who he is, not one of mine, but i HATE him now!)

Rick caught fire a bit:


But a rotten spell in November set us back. We're still doing "well" but not quite marching to glory - probably need another good CB and CM in January...


One success story - look at this kid blossoming:


Btw i got the notice that Rick's contract had six months left, so i took the plunge - increased his wage x10, and he has a £10m release clause, but he's staying and he's happy, for now. He's scored 15 in 21 so far this season, so we're on 111 goal-miles overall.

Thanks for reading! 

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