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Career zila90 is paying tribute to Maradona's Napoli


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Today's news of the death of Diego Armando Maradona shocked Argentina and the entire football world. He enjoyed the status of god for decades after the end of his career and the news of his death came as a shock and because of this, I would like to show respect to this genius footballer also with a career on FMM Vibe.

He was a footballer who is impossible to describe in one word or a few sentences. He was born as a virtuoso, genius, and eccentric in one person, leaving behind an incredible football heritage that will forever be part of world football culture. His peak came in 1986 when he won the title of world champion, and he also reaped unforgettable success in the Napoli shirt. Thus I decided to start the challenge from @samhardy.

I will take charge of Napoli and sign an Argentinian Advanced Playmaker or Striker to replicate Maradona's career. My weapon of choice will be revealed later on but all I can say for now is, that he will come from Argentinos Juniors, the same club as Maradona started his career. 

Any guesses who could that be?

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I will start this career after the arrival of the first fix. Current bugs are simply too big and I don't get into the game as I should. What is especially bothering me are these free transfers that are happening everywhere, from future wonderkids to star players. I hope the fix will come soon so I will be able to start properly.

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