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Career Great Scot! Welcome to Miami 🇺🇸


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It was a wet and dreary day in Edinburgh Ryan was sat on his laptop working on a new training session when he received a call from his agent.

Agent - Stop what are you doing and get to the airport right now!

Ryan - Woah, calm down what’s going on Dave?

Agent - I’ve just had a call from Miami regarding your services Ryan, a certain Mr Beckham would like to meet with you regarding the current vacant position at Inter!

Ryan - Dave don’t mess with me? Are you serious right now! How much time do I have?



So Ryan packs a small bag and head to Edinburgh Airport to head to the United States....


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As Ryan arrives in Miami after a long haul flight from Edinburgh he rushes through security and hails a cab down.

Driver - Hop in buddy, where ya going?

Ryan - Erm take me to the Marriott hotel in Fort Lauderdale please Sir.


After a very quiet journey he arrives and gets checked into his hotel and uploads a snap of the Miami life from the plane to his Instagram page. Shortly after his phone rings, he just knew who was going to be at the other end of the phone.

Beckham - Hello mate, Welcome to Miami! Get yourself settled and I’ll send a driver to pick you up in an hours time. 

He hangs up the phone before Ryan can say anything and the nerves have truly kicked in. An hour goes by and Ryan is now on his way to the biggest interview of his life.

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Upon arriving at Beckhams humble abode the first thing that hits Ryan is the magnitude of this job, working for a man such a Beckham is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he wasn’t going to let this up!

The meeting starts with Beckham asking why Ryan believes he is the right man to take Miami forward through their first season in the MLS.

Ryan - Well David, The lack of experience for me is outweighed by my knowledge of the game. It’s my passion I breathe football and if given the opportunity to manage this club I will not stop until success is achieved.

Beckham - I want a manager to come and implement his style and I’m really looking for a head coach in the mould of Nuno Espírito Santos, a man that brings his own culture and players. Can I count on you to be that man?

Ryan - if your asking if I can bring my own team - based from Scotland I can certainly do that. It’ll no longer be the Nuno way, people will call it the Ryan way of coaching.

Beckham - Excellent Ryan, last question for you. Where do you see yourself and Inter Miami CF in 5 years time?

Ryan - Well the short answer - The best team in America. And for me the best coach in the world!

Beckham - That’ll do nicely Ryan, thanks for your time and we’ll be in touch within the next week.

A shake of the hand and as Ryan is walking out the house he feels confident yet slightly surprised that Beckham wants a Scottish based team in the United States.

The wait is on...


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2 minutes ago, RichD said:

Looking forward to seeing how the Scots take over America, Miami won’t be the same again!

Scottish takeover incoming🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

2 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Very very interesting. A team full of Scotts and Mikey Johnston might be there? Bring it on!

This Mikey Johnston?😉


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5 days had passed and still nothing from Inter Miami and David so Ryan took himself for a swim to relax. Unbelievably when we was entering he noticed a face, a familiar face from back home and that face would be Lewis Morgan’s the current Left Winger at Miami.

Morgan - Hey, Ryan isn’t it?

Ryan - Lewis! Hello how are you?

Morgan - Very good Ryan or should I say boss? I’ve heard rumours that your in the running for the gaffer role?

Ryan - Haha, I thought I was but I’ve not heard anything son, I’ll let you go but keep playing the way your playing and another Scotland cap won’t be far away!

Morgan - Best of luck with the job gaffer!


Incredibly after the chat with Lewis, Ryan’s phone rang and it was Beckham.


Beckham - Hey Ryan, sorry about the late call but we had to make sure we got the right man. I’m confident that your best man to take my team forward and the job is yours if you want it.

Ryan - David, you won’t regret this. I’ll see you tomorrow at the training ground.


So there you have it, my new career will the a Scottish takeover of America with David Beckham’s Inter Miami. I plan to update you guys every season with the idea of this save being finished after 5 years at the club!


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Quick update on transfers from Ryan, as promised to Becks he has been busy working on targets based from Scotland and this is what he has to show for it.



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2 hours ago, DIRECTFX said:

Damn you gonna need a bunch of suntan lotion for all those pasty white Scots running around South Beach 


I’m not paying the lads wages, playing for sun tan lotion!

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