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Career Ian goes for Badge 01 - Spurs’ Deadly Duo


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Good afternoon and welcome to my attempt at the Badge 01 - Spurs’ Deadly Duo challenge created by @Rob.

We’re going for goals and assists from Kane and Son and rather than do a load of testing I just thought I’d go straight in with a system I used on last year's game in a similar challenge. Risky I know but fun at the same time which is what it’s all about.

I’ll be back with the results from season one later on this evening.

Thank you

Edited by Ian
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11 minutes ago, RichD said:

Got inside info? You know he’d do well 👀🤣

Not only is it Broodje saves that get lose, he now gets lost in time

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Season One

This was an interesting season and very much a mixed bag as you’re about to find out.

Here are the two players at the beginning and as we all know they’re two very good players. I don’t recall having ever used Kane before so that interested me and Son, I’ve used loads of times on previous games mainly due to his versatility. He has no real weaknesses and is two footed too, so just a brilliant player to have in any squad really.




I didn’t do a major squad overhaul and only brought in four players. Zielinski is a decent playmaker, Campaña is a wide midfielder who is totally new to me, Allan is a good all round central midfielder and Tagliafico is a full back who can also play at centre back so the plan was to use him at either the inverted wing back position or at centre back when required.





This was the best match of the season as Kane destroyed Olympiakos with a seven goal haul. Son also scored a goal and grabbed two assists so a nice game.



This game wasn’t so nice as Liverpool pounded us. The game came at a difficult time of the season with fixtures and injuries piling up.



We went straight out of the League Cup to Man Utd, battled on to the FA Cup final only to lose to Man City, lost out to Chelsea in the semi final of the Europa League and could only manage a third place finish in the league. Not the best really as we just couldn’t score the amount of league goals I’d like and I never had any confidence that we’d be able to beat any of the tougher teams. Work to be done next season that’s for sure 😂



Here’s the fixture list and you can see the mixed nature of our season. I used a system I used on last year's game with the only change being changing the BBM to an RPM as I wanted to try the role out. I abandoned that around December time and reverted him back to a BBM and results seemed better until we totally crashed at the end of April with some truly awful results. After the Liverpool hiding I was genuinely thinking I may end up suffering the dreaded sack but we were alright in the end.








The two challengers excelled in the system with nearly everything going through them which was why I was reluctant to change things when results were going awry. Just need more goals in total and we’d be looking good I’d say. Kane suffered a month long injury in the middle of March and Son went all season without injury but I found him harder to manage in games with his conditioning dropping more easily than Kane’s which might mean something in terms of his role in the team or maybe it’s just his high teamwork stat. Anyway, it was a decent return for the two with Kane scoring 61 goals and assisting 16 and Son scoring 38 and assisting 34. So that gives us a combined 99 goals and 50 assists so just one more goal needed next season to collect the badge.



Here’s the players now and not much change really.




My manager's profile isn't so great with no league or cup victories, hopefully we can put that right next season.



We move over to season two now where we’ll be hoping to improve the squad in a bid to score more league goals as we won’t have the easier Europa League games to help us like this year. I’m going to stick with the same system and just see what happens as the two are doing what I want in terms of their goal involvement but it just seems to be the domination and bulk scoring we’re missing.


Thank you for reading.

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It’s all about how much you get out of the two boys and you got plenty out of them Ian, you’ve basically hit the benchmark already and I’m sure you’ll only improve next season, Good luck 😁

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On 29/11/2020 at 19:21, RichD said:

It’s all about how much you get out of the two boys and you got plenty out of them Ian, you’ve basically hit the benchmark already and I’m sure you’ll only improve next season, Good luck 😁


On 29/11/2020 at 20:52, Rob said:

Can’t believe you’ve not even got the benchmark yet! Haha.

Lovely stuff Ian.


On 29/11/2020 at 23:07, broodje kip said:

Benchmark’s very close Ian. Great Work!

Thank you all very much.

I’ve completed the second season so I’ll post the results up very shortly. 

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Season Two

Another interesting season.

I went into this season with no real idea of how things would go. I was hoping to improve the squad which I was hoping would also mean things would go better in terms of team results and possibly result in us actually winning a trophy. Obviously I was also hoping that the two challengers would also improve their returns but I was in two minds as to whether that would be possible mainly due to being in the tougher European competition this year as last year the boys really filled their boots against some of the lesser Europa League teams.

We did slightly more business this year but I didn’t go to town. Maksimovic came in to be our new preferred right wide midfielder. Brozovic and Coulibali came in as all round midfielders to replace the departing Allan and Højdbjerg and Luis Alberto was brought in to rotate with Zielinski for the playmaker role. Bernardeschi was bought to provide cover for the whole of the final third and Matip came as an option at centre back. Dier is first choice and then I’ll have to decide between Matip and Sanchez as to who will be the preferred partner but there’ll be games for all I’m sure. I brought the two better rated graduates through with the idea of selling them and without even looking at the outgoings, I have no idea if I ended up selling them or not.




Our team results were slightly better this year as we won the league and FA Cup and managed to score a few more league goals but it still wasn’t a great campaign with quite a lot of dropped points. Man City took us to extra time in the FA Cup final but we got the job done in the end and it was Chelsea who ended our League Cup hopes at the quarter final stage which was disappointing. Our Champions League campaign came to an early end as we were eliminated by Real Madrid in the first knockout stage which was again disappointing as it meant we lost a good few games for the duo to potentially get more goals and assists but on the other hand it made the run in slightly easier when it comes to their fitness. We were 3-0 up in the home first leg and cruising before things went wrong and they came back to grab a 3-3 draw. I never fancied the away return leg and I was right as we were beaten by a solitary goal.







There weren’t any real standout games for the duo to be honest but they combined well just like last season. They suffered a few little injuries, which combined with going out of the Champions League early meant they played less games so couldn’t manage to match last season's returns. They hit 91 goals and 47 assists this year to give them and myself a challenge score of 287 which under the circumstances I’m happy with. Our team results weren’t so great and while they aren’t part of the scoring, they’re still important especially if you’re going out of cup competitions early and losing games as a result. Anyway, I enjoyed the challenge and with a tweak or two and perhaps some better signings I really feel I could maybe beat this score if I decide to go again. I didn’t really do anything with set pieces either which is something I might look into now.










Season 1

Kane: 61 goals and 16 assists in 53 games

Son: 38 goals and 34 assists in 61 games

Total: 99 goals and 50 assists in 114 games


Season 2

Kane: 58 goals and 10 assists in 47 games

Son: 33 goals and 37 assists in 46 games

Total: 91 goals and 47 assists in 93 games


Grand Total: 190 goals and 97 assists in 207 games = 287 points


Thank you for reading.

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23 hours ago, RichD said:

Great second season there Ian, great score as well, well done on getting your badge 😁

Thank you Richard, yes I’m happy to get the badge and now I’ll have to move onto the next one.

23 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done Ian

Thank you Rob.

23 hours ago, ScottishFMM said:

Well Done @Ian


19 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Great score Ian

Thank you Lord Danish.

17 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Fantastic score that. 

Thanks Kane, it went well enough for the two even though our team results weren’t quite so great. It was the first time I’ve completed a full season on the new game though so I’m happy enough.

15 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great score mate, well done 😉

Thanks Titjes.

9 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Great score mate!

Cheers Smoggy.

Onto the next one now but I may revisit this again later for another go.

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Attempt Two

Hello and welcome to my second attempt at this Kane and Son Badge of Honour challenge. I was sat there yesterday evening and decided I wanted to go again as I just wasn’t happy with my first attempt which was in fairness my first full season on this years game. Our team results were just shite and I’d gone with a household name reputation which meant my budget was a lot less than it would’ve been if I’d gone with superstar so there were a few reasons why I wanted another go.

I went with a different system in a bid to improve on the pathetic team results of the first attempt and results have certainly been better as we are still in every competition at the point in which I’ve paused and are almost certain to win the league.

The boys were doing pretty well too until we got to the end of January when the injuries to the duo started and just haven’t stopped since.







Anyway, here are how the boys have done so far at the end of April and hopefully there’ll be a little bit more to come from at least Son before the end of the season. My target is to beat 287 which doesn’t look overly achievable at this stage but you never know as next year we may get more luck with injuries.



I have to say the injuries have annoyed me and there was a temptation to bin it off but in the words in Magnus Magnusson; ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish.’

I’ll be back with the full first season update later.

Thanks for reading.

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Them injuries are awful, they did great when fit, I think first season challenges are very hard this year with so many games coming thick and fast!

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

Injuries are abysmal this year. Partially ruining the game for me. 

They are Rob, it feels like you’re just sitting waiting for the injury to appear on the news feed. I’m just continuing on here because it’s a new system and the injuries have meant I haven’t really got an idea of how good it is in truth. We’ll see how it goes next year as my target could in theory still be met.

1 hour ago, RichD said:

Them injuries are awful, they did great when fit, I think first season challenges are very hard this year with so many games coming thick and fast!

I didn’t have much trouble in my Pompey attempt but here we are again haha. The strange thing here was that they just stated at the halfway point and it almost felt like a switch was switched on. I’m using a fast tempo on this system so perhaps it’s related to that and maybe I should knock that back at times. I’m not using the light training either with it being two seasons so hoping there’d be a bit of growth in them during the first season but think I’ll switch to light for season two.

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I agree the amount of injuries in the 1st season is nuts. The amount of multiple month injuries is crazy.

Albiet you did very well mate. 👍

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1 hour ago, Woody said:

I agree the amount of injuries in the 1st season is nuts. The amount of multiple month injuries is crazy.

Albiet you did very well mate. 👍

Thank you Woody, yeah it seems like there’s a load in the first season especially. I do hope it’s just the first season with the heavy schedule causing it.

24 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Well played Ian and I add my voice to the injuries. Had Pique retire due to injury in my last dance career. 

Thank you Smoggy, it is frustrating. I thought I’d gotten away with it on this one when it comes to the challengers as I’d had a few month long injuries to others in the first half of the season and thought that maybe they’d spare my boys but no 😂

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