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Career Badge 01: hhooo takes over the Harry Kane team (completed)


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This is a good, quick way to get into challenges. I never did any in FMM20, so I'm jumping in headfirst this year, to give myself a break from normal careers with the worst team in any given nation.

Anyway - Season One

Things started off very well, racking up goals and assists at a truly ridiculous rate, and continued until we hit a serious injury crisis around November/December. Over the course of two months, almost every single attacking player in the squad missed at least a month. In one match, I had to take Grealish off injured, replaced him with Lamela, who had to come off injured after 6 minutes - you get the idea. It all started with a win over Chelsea, where they hacked down Bale and Son. But I digress.






Results: As a team, we did well, going invincible in the league, despite the referees attempts to absolutely bollock us away to United. Europa League winners as well, having to go through United there as well. 




Transfers: We sold some bit part players, and somehow managed to pawn Davies off to Juve for a discount on Demiral. I had two full back fours, only one of whom had an injury all year. 



And Finally, the lads themselves -

Harry Kane - I told him to jump, and he said "How High?" I set his focus training to Aerial, and it went from 13 to 17 literally overnight. Maybe some of Mou's old physios had something to do with it.



Heung-Min Son - He didn't react as well to my insistence that he add a few inches of height in the gym, but that wasn't really his job.



Total - Season one, we hit a grand total of 92 goals and 53 assists. Combined, the duo missed 18 games this season, so I'm confident we would've smashed the target if we were fit. I'm still trying to find a way to funnel the goals through them a bit more, but all things told, it was a good season. 

Also, in case you can't tell, I have no idea how to format things on this site so far - any help would be appreciated!

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Transfer business for season 2:

I'm working on a different tactic for this season, but very few changes are made in the squad overall. Oyazarbal comes in to replace Bale (Sess exchange). Cornelius comes in as a high teamwork, back to goal striker to give me more options with my tactic, and to replace Vinicius. Skipp looks good enough for the first team upon return from his loan, so I don't need anyone new in midfield. Pawned off Hart and brought in Mvogo as competition for Lloris, as I've had excellent experience with him at PSV in the Park Ji-sung challenge. 

Aurier was unprofessional, so I ditched him and replaced him with Saelemaekers, even though I'm not sure how many bombing wingback runs I'm going to use this season. I was thinking about replacing Lamela, but looking through the stats I wanted in his position (teamwork, creativity, passing) the only actual better options (besides Oyazarbal) was Bernardo Silva, who was out of the price range, so Lamela stays.


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Season two

We did better with injuries this year, each player only missing two weeks, and timing it well with international breaks. 

The league somehow went even better this year, we lifted the trophy on matchday 31 at Stamford Bridge, and again went undefeated. We tripped at the final hurdle in the CL to Dortmund, after a Demiral red card. 



I fiddled with tactics quite a bit to try to get us out of a finishing slump in December / January, but Son had serious issues with offside calls, and Kane put about 90% of his shots straight at the keeper from 3 yards out for a while, and got multiple 5 ratings during that time. The rest of the year went very well though. 










Kane scored a total of 62+75 = 137 goals and recorded 16+11 = 27 assists for 137+27 = 164 points

Son scored 30+24 = 54 goals , recorded 37+47 = 84 assists for 54+84 = 138 points 


Grand total: 164+138 = 302 points


It's been fun, maybe I'll take them for another spin later.  


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Nice score, well done.

You can add your images into any part of the post you want. Once you load them just click on the plus icon at the bottom left of the image to add them to wherever you want in your post. The below image shows it better as an example.


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