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Career Feckin' Badges: (Attempt 2 at Badge 3) Redknapping

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^Link to challenge in Spoiler. 

The times come. 


Daniel 'Stingey' Levy has opened up the cheque book and offered yours truly a two year deal on one condition, I must mentor Kane and Son to higher heights and make them the best duo in world football over my 2 year stay.


This is how we will line up, however we are yet to set our Shape, Defence and Attack settings so Season 1 will largely be a test to figure out how to get the best out of the team aswell as Kane and Son. 


Levy sought my signature and laid out his demands, we will just have to see how we do and tweak on the fly if things seem a bit stale up top. Here's hoping I can impress Levy and Vibe as I aim for Badge 01 of many I hope as this idea for challenges is fantastic, credit to @Rob

Thanks for reading. As this challenge is only 2 seasons long, I will update the post every half season or so as you actually play the 19th PL game towards the end of January, so I will show the update on the 31st December. (Just a bit before halfway) 

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Good luck with this one mate, it’s a great challenge, proper enjoyed it, I was lucky a formation I used last year worked, the only one that’s worked from last year! Bet you’ll smash it 

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Season 1: Mid Season Update:

Our quest for Honour has begun and if i'm being honest, our first half season was a struggle, though I retain confidence that my team can come good in the rest of the season and be even stronger next year, heres how we're doing so far:







5 arrive and 7 depart, (well technically 8 😎I cancelled Bale's loan once he picked up a 4 month injury (something's never change) and I didn't fancy paying him 180k a week to spend half the season injured. Only Sabitzer makes the first team as our right WM, Buendia is quality and versatility in one, able to cover AP CM and RM, Baro as you already know is a top drawer wonderkid and plenty of game time now and next year should see great growth for him, Giorgian and Robin will cover for injuries or play in the backup squad as the schedule is brutal and fixture pile ups are pretty much a weekly occurence. 


Just one injury to speak of:


One month on the sidelines for Son. 



This is how we are lining up come 31st December, the formation is the same, but the roles have changed quite a bit, Kane is now a TM, Son is a P, Alli changed from a Treq to an AP and Ndombele is now a DLP instead of a RP, lastly the CM's are now BBM's, I felt Kane and Son weren't being selfish enough as CF's, so we decided to change them up to what I believe are still the best roles for scoring goals(possibly Advanced Forward also) a Poacher and a Target Man. 

Kane and Son: (Deadly Duo) 


So not a great half season but as I said above, I fully expect us to go from strength to strength as the months tick by, I'm still not 100% satisfied with my tactic but we definitely performed better as I tweaked it so maybe a few more tweaks and we should be in a great position to push on. 

Kane: 17 goals and 5 assists

Son: 14 goals and 7 assists


We have 43 points at this stage, which I'm satisfied with, we're projected to hit 80+ come the end of the season which is exactly where we need to be, with the minimum target being 150 over two years. 


Thanks for reading, I hope we really puxh on from here and finish strongly. Till then goodnight and goodbye.

Edited by Aaron Thornton
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2 hours ago, Rob said:

Good start. It definitely seems like things pick up once those relationships solidify.

Thanks mate, I think your right, once the team gels it does certainly improve

1 hour ago, RichD said:

Good start mate, I’m sure next season they’ll smash it 👍

Cheers Dave, I'm trying to set the team up in a way that they will be very strong and prepared for season 2

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Season 1: End of Season update:


Season 1 is come to its conclusion, here's how we done:




Nobody else was signed in January



3 more left in January, which should give us a bit more cash to splash come next season.






We claimed 2 of the 4 trophies, Liverpool pipping us to the league and knocking us out of the Carabao Cup (we'll get onto Liverpool shortly) 


Lethal Liverpool:



Yep, that happened! With just a handful of league games left to play we went to Anfield 5 points behind with a game in hand and they quite frankly tore our defense apart, beating us 6-1 and pretty much wrapped up the title there and then. 


The Deadly Duo:







Son: 34 goals & 18 assists= 52

Kane: 36 goals & 13 assists= 49

Much improved second half of the season, while neither player stood out from the other in either category, I'm just pleased they both performed as I won't lie I was pretty worried at the halfway point that we might fail, nonetheless 101 goal contributions between them is a satisfactory and if we can hit the 220ish mark by the end of Season 2 I will be a happy chappy. 


Kane and Son Goals: 

S1: 36+34=70

Kane and Son Assists:

S1: 13+18=31

Season 1 Total: 101

Manager Stats if interested:



I can't wait to get stuck into Season 2 and see how far we can take them. 

Thanks for reading. 



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Season 2: End of Season Update:


I decided to just blast through our last season as I just couldn't put the game down 😂






A few more trophies added to the cabinet, most notably the League title, nobody could keep up with us this year leading the league from MD6. The CWC runs on into the next season so I had to scrap that and settle for top in our group. 




6 more new faces this year as we add Bentancur, Oblak, Zouma, Aina, Mitrovic and Pena, we also signed Gedson permanently after his loan expired. Mitro for 7 million, what a bargain. 


Tactic and Teams:

Team A:


Team B:


By the end both teams were very capable of beating almost everyone. 


Final manager stats:


Almost a 3 GpG ratio and just under 1 conceded a game. 


The Deadly Duo:







Son: 37 goals & 35 assists

Kane: 65 goals and 13 assists


Monstrous goals total from Kane. Son performing excellently in both assists and goals.


Kane and Son goals:

S1: 36+34=70

S2: 65+37=102

Kane and Son assists:

S1: 13+18=31

S2: 13+35=48

Season 1 total: 101

Season 2 total: 150


Final score: 251.


Im a happy chappy after all. Really fun challenge to do, Kane and Son are quality. 


Thanks for reading. 😊

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Smashed that season mate! I know how you feel with not being able to put the game down! Loads of goals second season for you, great score 😁

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Just now, RichD said:

Smashed that season mate! I know how you feel with not being able to put the game down! Loads of goals second season for you, great score 😁

Cheers mate, yeah it's an addiction for sure

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I've decided to keep all my badges this year on this single thread having seen others do so. Badge 02, first attempt up next:


MSN reunited:

What a trio they were just a few years ago, Messi ever the stalwart of the FC Barcelona team, Neymar the whiney toddler that is never happy and Suarez the madman, who loves a shoulder. 






Well the league is wrapped up so we haven't failed yet. 

  • Lost to Atleti in the CL, 4-3 on aggregate
  • Beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the Super Cup 
  • Again beat Real Madrid, 2-1 in the Spanish Cup

3 of 4 trophies, we'll take it. 




Neyamer and Suarez bought back for a combined £160 million and Umtiti used as make weight for Neymar. Our other signings, Robert Skov(ML) Alex Meret(GK) Leonardo Spinazzola(MR) and the pick of the bunch Rodrigo Bentancur adding some physicality to a technically gifted midfield.

Ousmane Dembele does my head in every time I manage him so to avoid headaches I offloaded him pretty much instantly. 


Tactic and Teams:

Team A:


Team B:


The tactic is largely the same as my Deadly Duo attempt, except we now play a BBM and a CM, also the advanced AP is now a Treq and the DLP is now an AP. 





Suarez picked up a two month injury and Neymar 10 days, Messi was injury free. 


Players Performance:


Messi: 40 games, 41G & 24A= 65

Neymar: 40 games, 30G & 11A= 41

Suarez: 37 games, 24G & 14A= 38


So Messi in the Treq, far and away the best of the three, Neymar in Second and despite Suarez being out for two months, to hit 38 contributions was mightily pleasing. 


Final manager stats:


3.20 GpG 👌

1.06 GcG 👎


Final total: 

65+41+38= 144


Thanks for reading. @Scratch will you bestow your badge upon me. 😍

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2 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great work mate

Thanks Chicken

1 minute ago, RichD said:

Fantastic season and score mate! Our formations for this one are exactly the same expect some player roles 😁

 Cheers mate, i love the formation, have done since last year, I still think my instructions need some tweaking but that's the most enjoyable part of this game tweaking tactics. I feel I'm going to be boring this year and just use this tactic for every challenge possible, if there as an adaptability stat I'd have a big fat 0 😂

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18 minutes ago, RichD said:

Fantastic season and score mate! Our formations for this one are exactly the same expect some player roles 😁

How funny I just changed my TT formation to something like this earlier this morning 

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