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Career Geordiekrispy's Badge 01: Kane & Son - Complete


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So following the general trend on here I thought I'd give Rob's first badge an attempt:


For some reason this challenge seems to have taken ages to get through the first season, way longer than the Chelsea wonderkids challenge did...

Anyway, I managed to slog it through the first season and here's my results so far.


I realised I forgot to take a screenshot of the transfers...

I brought in Emre Can and Ilaix Moriba for some strength and youth in midfield and brought in Andre Onana in Jan as I was doubting Lloris in goal.

And sold some fringe players to make some room and free up some wages.

Bale got injured in Feb for 4 months, so back he went (he weirdly wasn't my first choice right IF, had to remember to put him on the bench most games).


Pretty much all season Son was wanting to leave and be transfer listed, I kept on trying to convince him (which didn't work) and refusing to transfer list him.

So he wasn't happy pretty much all season and kept getting injured.


Kane on the other hand was happy as Larry and kept smashing the goals in, I made him captain as Son didn't think Lloris was a good captain and I was trying to appease him (it didn't work either).


At the end of the first season this is how things are looking:

We somehow managed to get 2nd place in the league (I'm sure in Feb we were 7th and I'd given up on the league, but we managed to battle all the way to the last game of the season;



We also won the EFL Cup and the Europa League:






Overall Kane did well in terms of goals, not so much in terms of assists (he also won a boat load of awards):











Son was injured a few times this season and when he wasn't he seemed really low on condition so he got subbed off a lot so his tally wasn't great, but not bad for an IF taking the corners;




So my totals so far are:



I was going to try and get Kane getting some assists from up front this season, but he keeps on just sticking the ball in the goal rather than laying it off to someone, plus whenever I try Son up front with him they play really badly.

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So season 2 was pretty much the same as season 1;

Son wanting to leave, Kane scoring.

Also this season there was the additional twist of Son getting injured for what seemed like a third of the season.


So without further ado:

Here's the transfers for this season:


Transfers In:



Transfers Out:





We won stuff again:


Super Cup



League Cup:



Liverpool knocked us out of the FA cup in the next match.


And the league went down to the final game... again...



We lost the Champions League final to Atheltico Madrid, on penalties...




Then we get to the two payers who this whole challenge is about:

Kane, again did well, top scorer in the league and Champions League.



Son did, not so well, he spent a lot of time injured and even on the transfer list (nobody made an offer for him all season);



So my totals for the challenge are:

    Goals Assists Total
Kane S1 57 10 67
Kane S2 53 9 62
Son S1 23 25 48
Son S2 7 37 44
    140 81 221


Not as bad as I feared, but not great. I couldn't get Son to be scoring freely and pretty much all of his assists were corners.

Kane couldn't assist if his life depended on it, not that I was really trying to get assists out of him.

@Rob can I get my name on the leader board please?


Now where's my Spanish phrase book...

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