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Career vaxikpl:Badge 02 - The Last Dance 2021(complete)


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Several people have already completed their second badge, so it's time for me. I'm impressed with your results, they are cosmic.


From the very beginning I play FMM21 with a tactic I created myself. Effect? Decent though I think I could have squeezed more out of the season.



TRANSFERS: Of course, apart from Neymar and Suarez, whom I had to bring to the club, I made two additional transfers in the January transfer window. Henderson and Fabinho - two of my best CMs in the game. Umtiti, Coutinho and some smaller names said goodbye to the club in January


MANAGER PROFILE: I was eliminated in the 1/4 final of the Spanish Cup, after penalties against Sevilla. By the way, I had very hard meetings with them also in the league.
BBVA League won in the reins. Nobody even for a moment kept pace with us in the fight for the Spanish championship.
Champions League won after penalties, thanks to extra time ... you will see for yourself :)


The Last Dance 2021:
while at the beginning of the season it was very fun and pleasant, the marathon started in January. I prayed that none of the three players would be out of the game for a few weeks. It worked, but ... Neymar, Suarez and Messi played about 60 minutes in each game. PS. It was the first time I played Messi. I have never bought him in previous FMM editions before, never played BarcelonaScreenshot_20201204_041800_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.6e120ce0771eeb0d9cd379c4feba23e5.jpgScreenshot_20201204_041754_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.94bfc7f6d602d2d28b6baa79e670e2f1.jpg 


197points  -
I mentioned LM last, didn't I? goal from penalty in the 111th minute of the final gave me 197 points, same then current leader 🙈


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Yeah, that's awesome work and massive numbers for Neymar. I almost never play with IFs (just dislike that role for some reason), but maybe I need to experiment with them some more..

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